The skin of the hands on a par with the neck is the main traitor women, telling the others about her real age. Being exposed to numerous influences of the environment, hands need careful maintenance and rehabilitation.

One of the most safe and affordable methods of hand care is considered massage of hands. It is important that this procedure was done as a competent specialist in compliance with the basic rules and methods. Unfortunately, very often the massage of hands with manicure is wrong, people without sufficient knowledge and skills in this field.

To achieve the greatest effect from massaging need to know and use the basic massage techniques, which are divided into a relaxing and stimulating. Relaxation is achieved through the lungs and more intensive strokes, that starts from the tips of fingers and end at the wrist joint. This technique should begin and end the procedure. Stroking stimulates venous outflow and lymphokinesia, providing eliminating pastoznost and swelling of tissues hands. Besides strengthening lymphatic drainage makes it easier to remove from the skin and muscles of the toxins. A second administration of relaxation is easy shaking hands with capture finger tips. This eliminates muscle stiffness, often hindering the wizard perform manicure. Normalizes the tone of the flexor tendons and extensors of the fingers and the muscles that move the brush.

Relaxation techniques alternate in classical massage of hands with stimulating manipulations. Muscle tone and elasticity of the skin, blood and tissues with oxygen enrichment increasing due to the rubbing, kneading and mild tingling. These same methods influences the periosteum in the places of attachment cords. The massaged each finger separately. Special attention is paid to обасти fingertips, due to what a reflex effect on the проприорецепторы skin. The back side of the terminal phalanx massaged to regulate the power of the nail bed, roller and the nail plate. Adequate blood supply in this area allows you to avoid excessive keratinization cuticle and prevent brittle nails.

Interphalangeal joints – a very sensitive area for massage. Testing load throughout life, these areas are often exposed dystrophy (артрозам) or inflammatory процесссам (артритам) . Competent massage interphalangeal joints is able to significantly improve joint mobility, and provide them with adequate nutrition streams of blood. It should only avoid the forcible extension up stiff joints.

A sufficient duration of massage and deserve the wrist, which is an extension of the big toe. And on the back, and on the Palmar side of this section of the hands is a large number of active points, a reflex effect on the who classic methods or point massage can significantly improve not only the condition of the skin of the hands, but also improve the body in General. so stimulation of points on the rear of the brush can shoot spasticskie pains in the abdomen. Stimulation of a button on the middle of запястной folds with his hand, reduces headaches. And the point, separated on two millimeters from the edge of the nail on the cushion of the middle finger effective neurotic pain in the heart. In the center of the palm, on a straight line between the ring and middle fingers point is, massaging which lowers blood pressure.

Massage the palm and the back surface of the brush perform as a referral from the periphery to the forearm, and in a circular direction. Stimulating means necessary to restrict when significant trophic disorders of the skin too dry skin on the hands, varicose veins brushes, articular diseases.

Despite the beneficial effect of massage on the blood flow and tissue regeneration hand, a number of States in which massage is contraindicated. In addition to all the feverish conditions, it pustular lesions of the skin, eczema, atopic dermatitis in a stage soak or with deep cracks, blood coagulation disorders (hemophilia, thrombocytopenia and тромбоцитопатии) syndrome or Raynaud’s disease, hemorrhagic diateza, fungal skin or nail.

Massage brushes runs only on clean hands. The hand of the master must be treated with antiseptic solution. The choice of mitigating or regenerating creams or oils for massage remains for the master. The main point is not so much the composition of these funds, but their main softening and moisturizing effect for the skin, which helps to avoid injury to the skin during the procedure.

Massages and many other treatments, performed by skilled and experienced wizard is able to maintain the health of the hands and substantially extend the time during which they will look young and well-groomed, delighting his mistress.


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