History of the sewing of fur garments more than one Millennium. The Arabs, Chinese, Slavs – each nation has determined for the product a special place and application. As a result, today the coat is a luxury item in the Cabinet of the owner. But even if exclusivity is not the primary criterion, animal skins are not a few. So before going to the shop coats to define the criteria for selection, and based on this knowledge, be able to distinguish the bad fur coat from high quality and durable.

The most warm and durable

Долговечные шубыIt is known that different fur has its «framework for durability and heat transfer. So, skins otter, beaver, raccoon, sable and mink is worn from 10 to 20 years. Fox, nutria, musk-rat and Karakul will serve its owner for more than 5 years.

The relatively low cost of products of rabbit and chinchilla due to their operational limits – no more than 2 seasons. The sable, Fox and Mouton warm up in the most severe frosts, and marmot or ermine if and go on a fur coat, not the winter.

How to look good coat: the subtleties of purchase

Покупка хорошей шубыExperts say that the durability of a fur coat is determined by the elasticity and smoothness of the membrane (the«wrong side»). If it is from the inside is soft and easy to bending – then you have found a product that at least one of the criteria is for you. Elastic properties give it a lightness, ability to adjust to the shape and movement of the owner, which prevents «затираемость». It should be noted that the real quality product, on which the lining is not tied to the bottom of the Board.

Speaking about the wrong side of fur, and when buying a first note, it is worth noting the correct color membrane – white. Brown or yellow color indicates that this unit went old fur.

The following criterion – weight

Вес шубыMany customers prefer to buy light and beautiful than heavy and dense. However you should know that ease in this matter akin coldness. The minimum thickness of the skin (which is achieved by «dragging» skin in the process of treatment), and atypical for fur distance between hairs is a sign of the economy of the manufacturer, in such a fur coat in winter to keep warm. Cold is one that briefly острижена (if initially this fur was a long one). If you are looking for outer clothing at the end of autumn to early winter, короткостриженная coat will just because sheared fur extends the life of the product.

And, finally, density, elasticity, smoothness, softness, no bald spots and Shine pile – quality features, well known to choose a fur coat. And check the quality of the fur can be very simple – after patting him from the bottom up – villi immediately have to take the same position.

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