Nail design on the wet ground is simple in execution. Special tools need not enough to have on hand a simple sewing needle or toothpick and varnishes in several colors.

Nail design on the wet ground, easy technique. Special tools need not enough to have on hand a simple sewing needle or toothpick and varnishes in several colors.

Before you begin to prepare and spread out on the table. Drawings on the wet ground running quickly, while coverage has not had time to seize. Technics of performance of this work requires that the composition of lacquer was not thick and viscous, otherwise the instrument is not cope with this task, and the varnish will not be mixed with the basic coating, and is easy to spread.

And one small note: the color of varnish should be as contrasting, so the picture will be brighter and more clearly seen against the General background. To needle easier to work with, you can take a mechanical pencil or a pen, remove the stem and insert the needle so that the tip was inside pencil, and ear remained outside. They should draw on the nail, and that the edge can scratch the nail plate. It was a good tool for design.

When all the preparations are done, you can begin to work. On the treated nails to put a base layer of varnish. Its coating protects nails from chemical effects of dye solutions. The next stage to perform individually with each finger, as are made drawings on the wet Lak, and he should not have time to dry.

Paint the nail any basic background color, likes what, in two layers. Continue immediately, depending on the selected image, apply a thin brush drop of a contrasting colour varnish on the nail plates. For example, figure asterisk is very simple in execution.

Needle from the middle of the drops to spend a few rays in different directions. Not necessarily comply with the correct proportions that one ray of light will be a longer and some shorter so even be more interesting. In the middle you can immediately sticking point or блестку.

Should get a radiant radiant star with slightly blurred outlines. How many stars do and where to place it depends on desire and imagination fashionista. You can on the edge of the отросшего nail in the form of French French, and can be in the middle of the nail plate or with one side edge.

To complete the picture «heart», you need to drop simply share a needle in half. That is, to the tool through the middle of the drops, from one end to another, leaving a path and making as if to Yavorivskyi in the end.

Flower is the same as the asterisk, only the rays are not from the middle of the drip, but, on the contrary, from the edge of the circle in the middle. A few rays in the centre will make of the flower drops with rounded petals. The picture «the camomile» rays are of drops of white color often to the petals were thin and in greater numbers. In the middle, in the drop yellow core.

Originally in this technique, the looks figure «flame». In this case, a drop of orange or yellow color is necessary to put in the corner of the base of the nail plate. Rays are directed from drops in one direction to the middle of the nail and made a wavy movement.

The beams shall be of different length on the edges they’re short. You can combine two colors – drop the orange immediately drop an a smaller yellow or white. Figure immediately start to play, and the song will look even more interesting.

In addition varnish, nail design suitable acrylic paint. They are durable and easy to use, well get divorced water to desired consistency. Understanding the technology to perform this manicure, a little practice on a simple crystal or ceramic piece, you can create your own drawings and compositions.

After all the nails painted and dried, you should perform the final step. He is to make a final coating of transparent varnish or a fixer.

Before doing nail design, with them you need to remove the old coating, to straighten form, push back cuticles. Imagine conceived figure, its location on the nail plate. Prepare the instruments and all the colors that will be required to work.

The main thing is not to be discouraged if at first you can’t do something. You can try again and again and each time, confidence and understanding of techniques of performance of design would be more noticeable.

Well, if the working collection will be a lot of different colors and shades of different varnishes. Classic black and white colours, gold and silver tone – never go out of fashion and always relevant in any combination, and execution.

Design nail your hands – it’s fun. It brings a lot more satisfying than going to the beauty shop. Of course, if it повседневний manicure, not requiring great skill

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