There are many ways to determine the nature of man by appearances. There is even this science, the physiognomy. Palmists on the basis of the centuries-old observations can tell a lot about a person by the form of the hand and nail.

Many wonder what might tell nails? Psychologists, for example, believe that neatness and accuracy of female hands reports their possessor of things: this woman is neat and carefully watching him. If, for example, marigolds her long and sharp, their hostess able to stand up for myself in any situation. Doctors as nails learn about some of the diseases of the body.

But the most information about a person’s character give palmists. They long ago identified 4 main types of shapes nails and gave a description of each type of people. Of course, they could also 4 species. Thanks to this work, it became possible to know a person’s character by the nails. However, not only the form but also the length of the nail has value. Therefore, their conclusions about the identity should be done on the basis of these two factors.

People with oval nails medium-length – romantic nature. They often live in their own world, which is different from the brutal reality of some идеалистичностью. These people are the whistleblowers and actively fighting for justice. These romance often endowed with artistic talent and very dreamy. If a person oval and very short fingernails, this tells about his nervousness and tendency to melancholy. All those who have this form of nails, kind and love animals. They can’t stand cruelty in any form and are always ready to take the side of the weak, and, thereby, to support him. Among the artists, the vast majority have nails oval.

The second type is the square shape of nails. This is the most balanced and easy-going type of people. They are so стрессоустойчивы that others may take them for insensible and emotionally not developed. But such conclusions are flawed. Under the foreign restraint often boil real passion. People with square nails short length of practical, love and can earn money. These nature very freedom-loving and some of them headed various liberation movements. People with square nails – born leader. Due to the ability to control your emotions, they are able to think rationally in the most difficult situations. So many of them among those who have positions of responsibility.

Another type of rectangular form of the nail. These people are natural innovators. They love to travel, to discover the unknown. The main features of their character are kindness, compassion and diligence. Such people mostly maximalists. If you give, you all my soul, if you want something, then certainly in very high volume, if you are worried, very deep and long. Despite the high performance, they are not so much seek in life, because often idealize others and unduly trustful to him. This leads to the fact that this type of people deceive many, and some clever personality enjoy their naivety.

The last form of nail – trapezoid. This is a special group of people quite arrogant and proud. Despite this, they sober view on life and know the price of every thing and event. Such a person often has a sharp mind and a good memory. Of them are talented scientists and analysts. In the field of arts, people with трапецевидными nails are rare. But the art they like and are by nature creative. They successfully realize themselves in the field of invention. The character of such people dreamy, but at the same time, they have intolerance.

Thus, we can conclude: as of and shaped nails you can understand a lot about a person, about which the values of priority for him what he wanted and what is in character.


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