In ancient Egypt, women took care of the nails and even colored them. In those days, of course did not exist modern varnishes, but henna perfectly substituted for them. Beauties knew that cut the nails should be careful not to damage the skin.

Since ancient times, it was believed that the condition and appearance of the nail has a direct bearing on health and birth status. In some countries the wife of rich people tried to grow them подлинней for all to see, that these hands woman, certainly will not do housework, or other difficult cases. She has a maid, and the beauty can as much as you want to relax and watch yourselves, beloved. In our time, such excess is a big rarity. Many ladies successfully combine professional activity and grooming. The great value has the form of hands and nails. It often happens that соискательницам positions denied because of their unsightly condition.

Of course, you need to cut your nails when they grow and spoils the appearance. If one broken, and all the rest should be cut off for the same length. But when the woman carefully looks after their own hands and considers it important procedure, manicure, it will be done regularly, without waiting for the appearance becomes unacceptable grubby. It is important to know how to cut your nails. This is done semicircular with nail scissors. They give an oval shape. The ends of the nails should be the same length. After that all the bumps are smoothed nail file, and only now you can apply varnish.

It is very important to choose the time, that is, what day cut their nails. It was noticed long ago, that if you do it in the waning moon, the growth would slow growing quickly grow back. On this basis, every girl chooses what she wanted. If the nail broken and so I had to cut off and all the rest, it undoubtedly will choose the growing moon. In this case, can be a little tricky when trouble came at a month old. Just nails re-trim it at the right time. It should, of course track and the cleanliness of hands and nails.

No matter how beautifully it was cut short nails if hands dirty and dirt under your fingernails, people will look messy. Now not only the women try to do a manicure, but also men. This does not mean that they are childish or sexual orientation. Well groomed hands of the shows on this trait of their character as accuracy. Means of Bank officer or accountant in the act will be all right. It is very important after the cut nails, remove their cut and burn, if possible, or at least hide so that they are not caught the eye of detractors.

Such actions can save you from targeting corruption as nails and hair after circumcision keep their energy relationship with a man, and an experienced witch may use this kind of material. You can consider it a superstition, because since ancient times, people tend not to give into the hands of the strangers of the crop. With the same success white wizards can perform rituals for health, good luck, long life. It is important only to this magician trust completely, as it is, and the harm done may, if anyone pay more. It is better not to risk it.

Astrologers believe that the days of the week favorable for nail clippers, but there are some that do it better not. So a very good day – Monday, the procedure is carried out by this time will bring good fortune in money matters rid of unpleasant memories, helps to cure depression. If you do a manicure Tuesday is the best protection against sudden shocks. Wednesday will give the opportunity to learn, and if you try yourself, of course. The one who cut her nails on Thursday, will become more confident, and earned praise from others. Friday and Sunday – days is absolutely inappropriate. Even if we are not superstitious and not to believe in hell nor in God, better watch from trimming your nails at such a time.

Every woman can decide for itself what day cut their nails, another thing is when the test needs to be a child. Grandmother never will do it in the forbidden days. May be better to listen to them and if so for centuries usual, then, perhaps, there is some sense of constraint. Saturday, by the way, another auspicious day, it is considered that the haircut nail on Saturday could get rid of loneliness and ill health. For hand care should be done baths with a decoction of herbs that can and strengthen nail plates. There are special creams, but some fuelling masks girls do with their hands.

In such a case, you can look to grandmothers. When they were young, also tried to care for your hands and nails and each has its own, treasured recipe. Ingrown toenails and hands should be cut on the growing moon, otherwise they will begin to grow again wrong. Procedures with trays and rubbing creams, are also conducted on the growing moon. Women, watching over health, notice that when they feel sick, and nail condition worsens. They can split break for no apparent reason, there are white or yellow patches.

In such cases, you should go to a doctor and undergo a complete examination. Maybe disease nails – a precursor to some diseases. A belief that you cannot cut your nails at night, apparently arose in those days, when opened up the electricity and in the evening in the house was dark. In the dark and finger cut. Superstitious people say that the evening and the night nail clippings can find the features and subdue the man. Religion on this account does not set any rules. Neither Christian nor Muslim. There is only a recommendation to burn or throw into the water that is cut off from your hands.

How and in what day cut their nails, there are folk beliefs. Churchmen do not say anything. In principle this is best done after a bath or a bath, then they are softer and better treated.


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