Very often, women face the problem of hair loss, especially strongly hair falls out after childbirth when a woman breastfeeds her baby. Body продалжает work for two and he sometimes lacks the necessary vitamins. How prevent hair loss in the post-operative period?

Here are a few tips:

Правильное питание после родовFirst, you need to eat right. The food should be not only various, but also useful. To hair looks gorgeous, it is necessary to present the elements of nutrition from all the major food groups – cereals, legumes, dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, juices. Try to minimize sweets, flour, spicy and fried foods. Be sure to avoid alcohol and Smoking. Don’t forget daily drink enough pure water (this is useful not only for hair).

Secondly you need to take vitamins of group B. Vitamins in this group are responsible for hair growth so their deficits can lead to a noticeable (if not complete) baldness. Its influence on the growth of hair has a and vitamin E, which provides circulation of oxygen in the blood. Vitamin E is not only helps saturate blood with oxygen, but also supports the immune system. For women who are still breastfed fit vitamins for moms.

In the third take the time for yourself. Make masks for hair that will nourish the hair on the outside. By the way, a few recipes for homemade masks for hair can be found in the this article.

So your hair will get a lot of useful vitamins. This approach is able to stop hair loss in a short time and with the most visible result.

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