Как сочетать бусы с вырезом платьяGood day.

It is difficult to imagine a fashionable woman no decorations. And the most ancient and popular of them, of course, include beads. Many women love to wear beads – thanks to this fashionable accessories is possible to create a unique appearance.

However, no small role plays the correct ability to wear necklaces and combine them with some clothes and her style. Decoration should be properly selected and the form and length, and size.

Combination with the neckline of the dress

Beads are the ideal option for combination with dresses and skirts with round neckline. Thus, no matter how many threads it will have. The massiveness and variety of elements used in buses don’t really matter.

For horizontal cut will be harmonious use of elongated beads in several threads. The same options are suitable for service «without arms» and deeply декольтированного cut.

Сочетание с вырезом наряда

By and large, the form of beads shall repeat the shape of the cut, harmoniously placed on the neck and decollete. Perhaps the wearing beads on clothes with a collar tightly fitting neck – in this case, jewelry is worn over the dress and can be of different shapes and lengths.

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Выбор длины бус

The choice of length of beads

The most common length of beads can be attributed score is between forty and fifty centimeters. Such a length provides a free fitting of the neck and can be used with almost any dress – exception may be only the presence of the high collar of the dress.

These beads better not to wear clothing of their place on the open neck.

Beads, length exceeding ninety centimeters, will fall behind the line of the chest – this version is more the evening, and is ideal for a small cut. Long necklaces can be worn on top of the outfit, and it’s better if he will be uniform. Hanging part of beads can be tied in a knot or wrapped around the neck several times.

Also the use of long beads preferable to a long платью.Если length of beads ranges from fifty-five to seventy centimeters, they will end up at chest level. In this case, it is not desirable to allow contact of the bottom of beads with the neckline of the dress.

Do not forget about the color of the selected bus – should ideally not fully match the color of the service, and at least оттеночной parts differ. Compliance with all the rules of selection of beads to clothes will help to create harmony in the image and Express unique personality, which is very important for any fashionista.

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