Healthy hair and strong nails are an important part of our image. But because of malnutrition, stress and poor ecology very often, many women face the problem of hair loss, their faded color, brittle and exfoliating nails. 

Everyone knows that our beauty depends on the health of the organism in General. For this, first of all, you need to eat healthy, filling your body with useful vitamins and microelements. But, unfortunately, even on the market is not always possible to buy quality products. Therefore, today on good nutrition, in most cases, not enough to look and feel good. We definitely need vitamins and nutritional supplements.

The deficit of vitamins and mineral elements in the body affects primarily on our appearance, and especially the condition of the hair and nails. Hair begins to fall out, become dull, their tips severely whipped, itching and dandruff. Nails faster break, begin to delaminate and slow growing.

Range of vitamins for beauty of hair and nails are very large. Of course, ideally vitamin complex should choose the doctor, having learned the analyses and your overall health. But, as often happens, on a visit to the doctor will not have enough time, and we try to solve the problem yourself.

In order to correctly select genuinely effective drug, it is necessary, first of all, to become familiar with its structure. Extremely useful for strengthening hair and nails are considered vitamins b and D, and vitamins E, C and F. 

Separately we would like to highlight The b vitamins, which include B2, B5, B6, B8 and B9. Very important among them is vitamin B8 called Biotin or vitamin H.

He participates in the synthesis of collagen and keratin – the main elements of the structure of hair and nails. Biotin improves the appearance of the hair, and stops hair loss, makes nails strong and stimulates its growth.

It is important to note that Biotin is not accumulated in the body and must be constantly replenished. Deficiency of this vitamin leads to seborrhea, hair loss, they become dull, and fingernails brittle.

The daily needs of the organism in биотине is 2.5 mg unfortunately, not all vitamin complexes, which can be bought at the pharmacy, contain this provision. Among the drugs that incorporates a wide range of useful substances, including the recommended daily dose of Biotin, is a German drug Medobiotin.

Medobiotin recommended to be used in the following cases:

– diseases of the nails (fragility, stratification, the growth or structure of nails);

– diseases of the hair (depletion of hair, split and brittle hair, hair loss (alopecia), premature gray hair, excessive oiliness or, on the contrary, excessive dryness of hair);

– in case of skin diseases (dermatitis, seborrhea, skin dryness, peeling) and gastro-intestinal disorders.

Medobiotin you should apply for a course of 4-6 weeks one tablet a day. After a month of regular use of medication you will notice a clear improvement of the condition of your hair and nails.

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