Summer is not only a time of countless berries, short nights and relaxing on the beach, but also quite dangerous for health. Is a favorite and long-awaited sun not only nourishes the body with enough vitamin D, but also may cause irreparable damage to your skin. It is therefore very important to choose the right tool to protect against the sun’s harmful rays, which will be indispensable in your cosmetic bag for travelers.

What to look for when choosing?

Sunscreen can not only prevent burn to the skin, but protect it from premature aging, appearance of wrinkles, age spots, it is also a good prevention of skin cancer. To sunscreen was another useless purchase, the selection process must consider the following factors:

  • The color of the skin. Whiter the person, the higher should be the SPF. By the way about what is this filter and what it should be in the sunscreen, you will be able to read more in this article For example, the darkie will be enough of cream with SPF-20.
  • The place of stay. In the southern regions where the sun is scorching, you should pay attention to sunscreen high filter SPF.
  • The terms of use. If plans walk in the Park or around town, it is enough to apply the cream with a physical filter, where the UV protection is equal to 25-30 units, but if the goal is to relax on the beach with a possible dip, it is better to play it safe and take sunscreen with chemical protection filter, where SPF is 50.

In addition, do not have this cosmetic product can be performed in the usual format of a cream. In this way, a common mistake. People often are looking for exactly the cream in the tube thinking that this type has the best protection. Although now there are sunscreen in the form of sprays, gels, and lotions. Professionals, for example, is recommended to owners of dry or normal skin to use sunscreen in lotion form or cream, but people with oily or combination skin gels. At present, even the various SS and BB creams with a protective filter, so make-up should not be. One thing to remember, sunscreen is not worth saving, because the consequences of the negative effects of sunlight on the skin can result in more significant costs in the future.

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