To create a complete image of your interior is very important to draw the window in the room. Without this nuance any situation, even the most exquisite, is doomed to imperfection. Bedroom is a special place in the house, isolated and closed to outsiders, and we релаксируем and rest. Curtains for bedroom, usually devoid of bombast, but very functional, feature a sliding/задвижные details to adjust the lighting in the room.

Светлые шторыPick up fabric for curtains in the bedroom better light tones but the tissue should thus to protect the morning in the bright sunlight, and in the evening from strangers prying eyes. First of all pay attention to the fact that all textile decoration elements of your bedroom curtains, bedspreads, pillows) should have a uniform color, and also be performed, if possible, of the same fabric.

To the day of sunlight penetrated into the room and slightly dissipated, you need to have a semi-transparent tulle, by type of veil, preferably dairy shades. Day of heavy sliding porters are cleaned on the sides and remain only tulle and decorative elements on the edges of the window.

Do not forget the roll and Roman blinds they perfectly decorate the window, and performing aesthetic and protective function. It can be made from luxurious fabrics and Supplement light tulle.

What kind of fabric you choose?

Ткань для шторGoing to the store for fabric for curtains, remember, curtains should be in harmony with the interior of your room. Preference is given to cotton fabrics, brocade, органзе, do not buy satin and silk, these fabrics difficult to handle, if you are going to sew yourself. The choice of fabric patterns also depends on the decoration of the room. If in your bedroom, the spirit of Versailles, загогулинки furniture and stucco on the ceiling, curtains best buy without a pattern, a beautiful, rich color tone in the bedroom will be enough to blend in with the atmosphere of the room. And, Vice versa, for the ascetic bedrooms, шторную fabric is better to buy пороскошнее. Everything should balance each other.

If sew curtains by themselves, in advance measure the parameters of the Windows of your bedroom, consider the edge of allowances, bending, take it with a reserve. In case of curtain fabric with a pattern, the length of the fabric is cut off with a stock to match the picture on the портерах.

The main task is to measure the window, and in a fabric shop will certainly help.

If you do not know how to sew, it remains only to choose curtains on the website – ready-made curtains and under the order at affordable prices.

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