как выбрать плойку для волосYou want to choose Curling of hair but don’t know where to start? Before you make a purchase, you should take into consideration several factors, including the type of Curling, its diameter, the material from which it is made, and its technical characteristics.

The main types of плоек

  • Professional hair curlers

These curlers have the clip, but this clip has no spring fixation, which means that we need to hold hands. Contact with them is not easy, especially if you do the styling itself. For this reason, such curlers are recommended for professional use only, and not for individual styling hair at home.

  • Curling clip, which has a fixation spring

This is exactly the hair curlers we imagine under the word «relation». They are very easy to use because clamp presses a strand of hair, накрученную on the Curling irons, that facilitates the process of Perm.

  • You just winded strand of hair around the cylinder in his hand end of the strand

Some curlers have the shape of a cone, so that you can choose the size of the curl. Most of these плоек has a protective coating to prevent damage to the hair.

  • Special curlers

Special Curling, which include spiral coffee grinder to create a spiral curls, double or triple Curling wave, Curling triangular form to create curls geometric shape, and so on. Although, of course, there are interesting variations плоек, they are not necessary tools, if you don’t want to do all the time with a particular hairstyle. It is better to use a more traditional плойками.

Diameter curlers

When talking about плойке hair, the larger the diameter of the cylinder, the larger will be curls or waves. If you want to get a small rings, select Curling diameter of about 3-3,5 cm. If you want to create a large, three-dimensional waves on long hair seek Curling diameter of five centimeters. Another point to be considered is the length of the hair. If your hair is shorter, Curling diameter of 5 centimeters could only twist the ends. The Golden rule to obtain curls is to you could wrap the hair around the cylinder Curling at least half.


  • Chrome-plated or metal Curling – cheapest. Unfortunately, they, at the same time, the most harmful for your hair because emit positive ions, which open the cuticle and damage hair.
  • Curling gold, titanium and a Teflon-coated chrome better. Gold and titanium evenly distribute heat, which prevents damage and Teflon coating protects hair. Remember that Teflon coating eventually wears out, exposing the material that is under it.
  • Ceramic and турмалиновые Curling is the best choice. Both materials give negative ions, which help smooth the cuticle, producing a less harmful and more lights. Curling, entirely made of ceramic and tourmaline, preferably those that just covered, as these coatings as Teflon coating, eventually washed away.

Management features

If possible, choose Curling, with the switching function of the temperature, or with digital temperature control. This will allow you to curl your hair with a minimum possible temperature, at the same time, getting the desired result. Your hair will thank you.

Another good feature is the automatic shut-off, so you can not worry about going to work, that forgot to switch off the Curling irons.

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