Proper hair care is very important, for beautiful and healthy – pride of any girl. Luxury curls attract attention, arouse admiration of compliments and questions, what do you do to achieve a similar effect? I WANT to tell you how to choose essential oils to solve a particular problem in hair care.

Linseed oil

Excellent moisturizer for very dry hair returns the natural Shine and nourishes the scalp. In addition, masks for hair on the basis of flax oil are able to deal with the problem of hair loss.

Sunflower oil

Help to struggle with split ends, removes dryness of hair. We strongly recommend you to undergo procedures providing for the application of masks with sunflower oil in winter. This will help save your life force hair.

Coconut oil

Even with frequent washing protects hair from damage, restores their structure, returns a natural Shine. In winter, be sure to make a mask for hair on the basis of coconut oil, at least once every 2 weeks.


Almond oil

Prevents hair breakage, solves the problem of split ends, nourishes the hair and scalp. It is desirable to RUB it first in the root zone of the scalp, and then distribute gently along the entire length of the hair.

Sea buckthorn oil

Will help accelerate hair growth and prevent them from excessive hair loss. In addition, the mask on the basis of sea-buckthorn oil return your curls volume and density.

Peach oil

Surprisingly restores the structure of the hair, making them elastic, smooth and elastic. Especially recommended for dry type of hair.

Camphor oil

Excellent repairs damaged hair, scalp, reduces its sensitivity, improves circulation and promotes hair growth.

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