Vacation monitor hair doesn’t always work out. Especially if you went to rest on the sea. Here and to makeup is not always comes, that we talk about hair. Even if you are not lazy to properly care for your hair, upon returning home, it is best to do restorative procedures. Sea, sun, air – all this is useful but for hair – only partly.

To start during shampooing start using folk remedies, such as a decoction of medicinal plants. To prepare nutrient broth, you need to take a pound of chopped herbs (chamomile, succession, nettle, burdock, birch leaf, mother-and-stepmother, lime blossom and mint), pour half a liter of boiling water and infuse hour. After washing, rinse hair.

Healers for tired hair and an infusion of nutmeg sage. Four table spoons of the crushed grass poured two glasses of boiled water, draw for 10-15 minutes, filtered and washed, rinsed hair.

Brittle hair can be removed using vegetable juices. Daily RUB the hair roots juice of cabbage or spinach. If you are not allergic to citrus fruits, with the same purpose, you can use lemon juice.

Oily hair is half an hour before washing, you can treat mask. Mix a teaspoon of honey with the same amount of lemon juice, juice pita, add yolks, grated clove of garlic and RUB mixture into the scalp.

Author: Maria Lukina

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