The problem of excessive oily hair in summer is relevant as ever. However, it can be dealt with by circulation and rinse hair. I WANT to willingly shares with you effective and useful recipes of cooking.

Scalp on the basis of fir oil

Fir oil diluted with alcohol in the proportions of 1:2. RUB in the skin of the head and then distribute the entire length of the hair. Keep 30 minutes, then rinse the hair with warm water.

Remove the fat content of the hair with the help of nettle

100 g nettle simmer for 30 minutes in a mixture of 0,5 l vinegar and 0.5 l of water. Rinse hair with cold broth daily, regardless of whether you washed a head in this day or not. Procedure duration – 10 days.

Hair rinse from tansy

1 tbsp tansy pour two cups of boiling water and leave for two hours. Carefully strain broth and use for rinsing oily hair each hair wash. After the procedure, an additional rinse hair with cool water – it will add them Shine!

Hair rinse on the basis of knitting herbs

Oily hair is very useful to flush the infusion of astringent herbs: calendula, chamomile, oak bark, plantain and other. This will soothe the scalp and normalize secretion of sebum (fat), which causes the oiliness of hair. Also hair, prone to fat, good rinse with a solution of 1 tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar, and 1 l of water.

Wiping scalp

Wipe the skin of the head and hair, prone to fat, useful and effective juice of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is best – fresh lemon juice, lime, grapefruit, fresh carrot or Apple juice.

Juice of aloe leaves strengthen hair roots, improve blood circulation, reduce the oiliness of hair will return them Shine and elasticity.

Decoctions of birch leaves, bark oak, St. John’s wort and red berries mountain ash well wipe the skin of the head. As a mouthwash they are irreplaceable. One tablespoon of selected above ingredients, grind and add 100 g of vodka. Insist in a tightly closed container 5 days. Composition wipe the hair and scalp every day for 2 weeks.

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