Home is our personal space, a special place for each of us. Here we always feel comfortable, safe. No wonder every time we strive to make our house even better, transform it.

Every woman tries to create the comfort of their home. We carefully plan every detail of your future interior before the repair. Ask so many questions: what are the decoration is better to buy, in what range fulfill room where to buy interior doors? However, it is important to remember that, and after repair of the bathroom must be maintained.

Уборка в домеIn the process of cleaning we never forget, for example, to wash the floor, brush away the cobwebs from the ceiling, to remove dust. But how often do You pay attention to care for interior doors? Here we stop to think, don’t you? And that generally means care of the doors? Let’s face it.

It is important to understand that the doors are one of the most important parts of our interior. They complement, decorate it, making a beautiful ensemble of purity and harmony. When properly regular care this product will last You long enough, do not lose their attractive appearance.

Anyone care starts with the selection of suitable detergents. Here we must be careful, because not everything will be perfect for Your product. Look at the composition. The more unfamiliar chemical components You see, the more arguments against the purchase of such funds. They can easily damage the lacquer doors. Besides, you should avoid abrasive cleaners, hard sponges and all that can easily scratch the surface of the door, and, what is most deplorable, they can enter into a chemical reaction with the wood and, as a consequence, distort the color and the texture.

Many people, exploiting the interior veneer doors for quite a long time, advise at home, prepare the following solution: 10% alcohol 90% of the ordinary water. This means gently cleanse Your door and will not bring any harm. In addition, it’s very economical.

Моем двериHow to properly clean the door from dust, dirt and stains? First, it is necessary to moisten the cloth in the solution, as it should be to overcome it, and then rinse all parts of the door, joints, decorative elements. After such processing does not forget to wipe the door leaf and paste, dry cloth to nowhere left moisture. It is important that the chamber was dust, so it is best to clean the door conduct after wet cleaning of the premises. Careful attention to the bottom, there tend to accumulate dirt.

If the room is repaired or other works connected with the use of plaster, putty, and the like, should be carefully cover the doors with polyethylene. If possible, it is better to remove them from loops and to make of the room. The fact is that such substances are extremely dangerous to cover the door.

Now very popular, stylish interior doors (you can see it here http://www.m-porte.ru/catalog/?PAGEN_1=8) with inserts of glass, leather and artistic elements. When cleaning them, you must also wipe the dirt.

What model would interior door You choose, for each material needs special care. Then she for a long time, will delight You by its aesthetics.

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