Many girls want to have curly hair, but not all are how difficult it is to care for them. We offer you the basic rules which must be followed for each girl with curly by nature hair.

Безсульфатный shampoo

Curly hair because of its structure initially dry and porous, so the main thing in caring for them – instant hydration. Most regular shampoos contain sulphates, which can пересушивать hair. Curly hair with such care become even more dry and naughty. It is therefore very important when choosing a shampoo to give preference to безсульфатным shampoos. Today, these shampoos are very well represented in many brands. For example, look for them in Natura Siberica, Mitiam Quevedo, Moroccanoil, L’oreal Professionnel, “Grandmother Agafya” and other

Air conditioning free of silicones

Silicones give the hair glossy Shine. But they accumulate in the hair, and occasionally they should be flushed, otherwise the hair will be made heavier and lost volume. Qualitatively wash silicones can only shampoo with sulphates. Therefore, if you use безсульфатным shampoo, use the air conditioning free of silicones. Look for them in such brands as Schwarzkopf, The Body Shop, Syoss, Natura Sibirica and others.

Leave-in conditioner

The so called «Leave-in conditioners are very useful girls with curly hair. They can be used during the day to refresh your hair, give curls form and remove fluffy. Such funds in selling a wide range. 

Deep moisturizing conditioner

In addition to conventional air conditioner, furnished with finely curled hair additional hydration. You can buy special conditioners that can penetrate deep into the hair shaft and moisturize the hair from the inside. Look for such air-conditioners in such brands as Alterna, Schwarzkopf, Paul Mitchell, Matrix and others.

Ko вошинг

Relatively recently appeared such a concept as «co-вошинг». It refers to the washing of the head only, air conditioning, containing silicones and alcohols. First you apply the air conditioning on wet hair and within 5 minutes, carefully RUB it in the scalp and hair, then смываете and repeat this Zhu procedure again. The second time you use the air conditioning as usual after washing the hair with shampoo.

Ko вошинг is not for everyone, but in most cases it effectively helps to restore well-groomed and healthy look very too dry hair.

If you are the owner of curly hair, you absolutely can not:

Dry hair, rubbing them with a towel

Pile Terry towels in friction injure a hair affecting its structure, and this in turn leads to excessive fluffiness.

Wash your hair every day

Curly hair and without nature dry, so to wash them should be not more than 2 times a week.

Use brush

Bristle brush disrupt the structure of the curl, plus deform the hair cuticle, which leads to its cross section. So it’s better when you have put on the air conditioning hair, brush them with a wide toothed comb, and after drying to form the hair with your fingers.

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