Colored hair needs special care, and in summer they need it twice. How to keep the curls healthy and well-groomed – WANT to know.

It is known that the prolonged exposure to the sun causes harm to the hair strands become brittle, dry and lifeless, and the water is only amplifies this effect. For these reasons, in summertime it is necessary to devote more time to the protection of the hair experiencing listed under the influence of a strong factor stress. In General, moisturizing, nutrition and again hydration.

If you are considering to cut the tips, especially if your vacation is still ahead, we advise to postpone going to the salon before the onset of autumn. The best time for grooming are spring and autumn, so for three hot months abundantly moisturize the ends of oils and serums. The same applies to paint the hair: hair mad from fresh colouring on the entire length of the hot weather. Подкрашивайте roots, and total painting transfer in the fall.

It is desirable to withdraw from the dryer or at least to reduce its use by half. Morning washing, drying, and after the whole day spent in the sun, can turn out to be too stressful for your hair. Try to wash your head in the evening and dry strands in a natural way. Don’t forget about the satin or silk pillow cases – such material is not confuse hair and not harm them. Before going to work sprinkle hair mineral water or spray and style.

With styling products, incidentally, also need to be careful. In hot weather, they can glue hair and give unkempt appearance. The best solution for you would be a simple method: mix the styling tool for air-conditioned, RUB the palms of the hands and gently apply to hair. Thus strands will receive additional protection from exposure to direct sunlight.

It is planned outing to the beach? Be sure to apply the strand with UF-filters, in addition to the use shampoo and balm marked SUN on the label. This means that the product is specially designed for enhanced protection from exposure to sunlight on your hair.

In addition to hair care cosmetics you can use empirical recipes.

Infusions shampoos: 500 g of leaves burdock, mint, nettle crush and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Strain and add necessary to wash amount of water.

Infusions for rinsing the hair: 2 tablespoons of chamomile pour a Cup of boiling water. The mixture should infuse for 10 minutes, drain and rinse cleansed, wet hair.

Infusions for vtiranija: 2 tablespoon of herbs milfoil pour a Cup of boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. After leave to infuse, strain. RUB the mixture of two to three times a week for one month.

Hair mask: 10 drops of oil (olive, almond, burdock), the lemon juice and two egg yolks stir thoroughly and apply to wet hair. Hold for 30 minutes and rinse shampoo.

Mask for dry tips: mix 75 g burdock with 200 grams of vegetable oil, leave to infuse for a day, and after cook the mixture over low heat for 15 minutes. Apply on the ends, to hold for 1-2 hours and wash your hair with shampoo.

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