как стать блондинкойEven if the nature endowed you with beautiful brown or dark hair, and all of your closet matched with the natural hair, you still may experience an overwhelming desire to be blonde. The change in hair color – radical – can radically change your Outlook and sense of self. Перекрашиваясь from brunette to blonde, you drastically change your appearance, you may need a few days to get used to his own reflection.

Natural blonde hair found in nature is quite rare, and therefore are considered to be particularly attractive. Темноволосых women has long been concerned with the question, how to become a blonde. Lighten modern means of very simple, but how to keep beauty hair after clarification look natural and attractive?

History of lightening hair

Blond hair is a sign of femininity, softness and tenderness nature. No wonder that men prefer blonde ladies. There is nothing strange in the fact that women in all times trying to make their hair lighter. For example, ancient Greek beauty смачивали hair sour milk and sat for hours in the sun, waiting for the hair will burn. In addition, for the clarification of used lemon juice, rice flour.

как стать блондинкойA real revolution in the field of hair coloring occurred in the mid-nineteenth century, when it was invented tool for rapid bleaching. Hydrogen peroxide allowed to turn into a dazzling blonde even burning брюнетке. Number of fair-haired women began to increase every year.

Perhaps, in our time there are no women who never experimented with brightening agents. But the results of these experiments delight not always, often as a result of dyeing the hair vulgar yellow tint, lose their luster, become rigid, like oakum. So those who want to lighten hair stylists strongly recommend doing this only in the cabin. Professional staining can achieve a steady natural and cause hair minimum damage. Only professionals can hair bleaching, that were painted in the darker the color, the same applies to the hair, who painted a reddish tone – at home lightening effect can be unpredictable: the hair can get a pink, purple or orange tint.

Specificity of lightening hair

Procedure of clarification hair is always more traumatic than a simple staining: because Brightener penetrates deep into the hair, destroying pigments, and not simply creates a film on the surface of the hair, as some dyes. As a result, hair inevitably damaged.

как стать блондинкойTo lighten a maximum of two to three colors, it is enough to use dyes so-called «blonde-group’, but for a radical change of color need a special блондирующий drug. As a rule, the dark pigment in the hair removed gradually, a few times. Hurry here should not be: if you leave the medication on the hair for a long time, this will lead to increased fragility of hair out. Recover corrupted lightening hair is almost impossible to have a truly effective way to restore hair beauty only one to cut off the «burned» strands.

To lighten hair uses a combination of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Professional preparations for the clarification, as a rule, are called «Pre-Light» – in contrast to conventional paints they can significantly lighten your hair. Some companies produce drugs for блондирования without ammonia, but they are usually much more effective than traditional, and are only suitable for minor clarification.

Bleaching step by step

For lighten hair need a watch, instruction to the drug, gloves, brush for applying paint-and-tooth comb with wide, non-metallic tank for mixing the composition and an old towel or clothing, which is not a pity to blur. Before brightening hair, you must carefully read the instructions. As a rule, the drugs did not put on clean hair after washing should take at least two to three days. Funds for блондирования can cause burns to the skin. Therefore, the need to work in gloves. It is advisable to wear old clothes, and on the shoulders throw unnecessary towel.

как стать блондинкойBefore painting the hair is divided into zones and fixed terminals. Most convenient to start with нижнезатылочной zone. Hair separate strand by strand and are covered with paint. Paint using a brush, a very abundantly to прокрашивался each hair. For uniform distribution of paint to comb every strand. It is important that, at first, clarification should paint strands, departing from the roots a couple of centimeters – hair re-growth, especially if they have ever fading, difficult to fading.

It is necessary to work fast to not get that part of the hair is lighter, and a part – darker. When you are finished with one zone, you must move immediately to the next. When processed all the strands of the product is applied on the hair at the roots. After this, you should wait recommended in the instructions of the time normally takes around half an hour.

After this time, the hair becomes visibly lighter. Even if to achieve the desired shade could not exceed the exposure time of the preparation of the hair is not recommended – it might severely damage. Better a few days to carry out the procedure of clarification again. Washed off the drug shampoo, then we should do the soothing and restoring mask for hair, or at least use a balm for highlighted hair.

If the tone was not enough light in a few days clarification repeat. But if the tone hair became unnaturally yellow, or even orange, better not to try to deal with such colour effects independently, and to see a specialist.

как стать блондинкойDark roots of highlighted hair look very ugly, therefore, need to be regularly tinting. The frequency of such подкрашиваний depends on the speed of hair growth: somebody to handle the roots of times in a month and a half, but someone will have to do it every three weeks.

Means and technology of coloring

Before you go to the salon or to buy paint for the hair, you must determine the shade of blond. This choice is difficult to make your own. Refer to the consultant in the shop, but it is better to master, whose plan to wear makeup.

Skin tone is very important when choosing a suitable shade of blond: for example, a platinum blond poorly combined with a warm shade of skin. Incorrectly chosen shade of hair dye can completely spoil your appearance, giving the skin unhealthy or highlighting its shortcomings. Today one of the most actual shades of blond considered cool blonde, like Agnes Dane, or classic platinum blond.

Perhaps if you have brown hair, it is better to refuse from radical staining in favor of highlighting or other techniques shading? Highlights is a discoloration of individual strands of hair. Compared with the traditional clarification, highlighting a number of advantages: the chemical effects of clarifier are not all hair and individual strands; in addition, the highlights on the blonde hair looks natural and gives them additional volume through harmonious color transitions.

как стать блондинкойIn order to become a blonde, you need to use a special Dodge, desirable, with special care supplements (protective additives, oils and ingredients for further strengthen the hair), as lightening, very bad for the hair, especially damaged, weak and painted. Despite the diversity of the composition, the main components of the clarifier remain unchanged: hydrogen peroxide (gidroperit) and ammonia (ammonia).

When mixed and applied on the hair these components react with color pigment of the hair, and destroy it. Thus, whitening (or bleaching) represents the removal of the color pigment of the hair. The hair is exposed to a strong chemical attack, because clarifier must penetrate to the very heart of the hair shaft.

Because the color pigment black, chestnut and red hair have a granular structure, delete it much more difficult, and lightening the dark and red hair is performed in several stages, to avoid damage.

During each of lightening hair discolored not more than one or two colors. Before following clarification must be at least two to three weeks. Depending on the desired color may require three to four treatments clarification. как стать блондинкойTo maintain the resulting shade in the future will have to once every three to four weeks to lighten the roots.


Care of hair clarified form is very important, for uncared-blondes looks like sloppy, but vulgar. The degree of care depends on the selected hue – the lighter hair, the greater the care they need. In addition, bleached hair, especially for the first time, it is advisable not to expose strong processing, especially heat, as this may exacerbate the damage to the hair, make them dull and lifeless.

Before using iron for hair straightening or Curling irons, blonde shall apply to hair deterrent. In addition, many prospective blonde notice that the hair was longer to dry. This is because after the removal of the color pigment hair become more porous, and this means that they hold more moisture, so they require more time to dry.

Remember that to be the blonde, especially ненатуральной, is hard work and requires not only time and effort, but also considerable financial costs.

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