Beautiful, thick and healthy hair, body and luxurious styling, flying hair – the dream of every girl. To achieve it a few ways. I WANT to tell all possible options.

First of all – the right hair wash and correctly selected shampoo, taking into account the structure and needs of your hair. When choosing a shampoo pay attention to the presence of vitamins B3, B5, and amino acids. Vitamin B5 strengthens the hair follicle, enriches hair with oxygen. Vitamin B3 provides hair growth and is responsible for the content of natural pigment in the hair. Deficiency hair start early to turn gray.    

Well, when vitamins is in shampoos, but better yet, take them inside or in products. For example, b vitamins are contained in beef, liver, brewer’s yeast, fish, chicken meat, bread. Correct and balanced diet will help to preserve the beautiful not only hair, but will also improve the condition of the skin, nails and the organism as a whole. 

After shampooing hair advisable to rinse air conditioning or balm. To achieve the desired effect choose shampoos and balsams one brand. Air conditioning is applied, as a rule, from the middle of the hair to the tips, as its distribution along the entire length will result in more severe hair, they can stick together and the effect of the volume you never will see.

If you switch to natural methods give the hair volume, then we should start with the broth of a nettle. He contributes to the build-up of scaly shell hair, and as a result, the hair looks more voluminous. Nettle leaves you must insist half an hour, and after washing the hair thoroughly rinse the hair with this decoction.

When washing your hair also watch closely, that the water was not very hot, because it dries the hair. After washing hair is advisable to rinse with cold water, then the hair-like scales return to its normal state, пригладятся and hair looking healthy and shiny.

The visual effect of the volume also help to create a special grooming. For example, manual haircut for long hair. The upper layers of the hair in such a haircut look more light and air, and all hairstyle in General takes the volume.

Improve the texture of the hair will help and a special massage, which you can do yourself. Every evening, 5-10 minutes massage the scalp in a circular motion. This increases blood microcirculation and hair begins to grow faster.

One of the best ways to give the hair volume – apply the mask for the hair. They make hair more shiny and silky thick and beautiful, to help protect against the adverse effects of external environmental factors.

Health experts hair is also recommended to add volume to hair use a dry shampoo. Especially this method is fit for owners of oily hair type, as its ingredients reduce sebum production and stimulate hair growth. Bend your head down and apply dry shampoo to the hair roots, massaging movements взъерошив them.
Add volume to hair can be dried in a Hairdryer. In this case, it is better to lower your head down and to direct air directly to the roots of the hair dryer, drying the hair from the inside. However, this method involves risk to injure the hair and, therefore, do not hold the hair dryer is too close to the hair, not to dry up and not to overheat them. At the end of the drying Hairdryer, walk hair cold air to the hair-like scales closed. Thus, the amount will remain longer. If your hair is medium length, you can use a diffuser, it will also provide a good amount. Nozzle has a special «fingers», which by the air flow raise the hair at the roots.

The luxurious and beautiful volume, you can give your hair, using curlers. It is better to choose large, made of soft material, which will not damage the hair. Before накручиванием can cause стайлинговые tools – foam, mousse or a spray to the curls will be more durable. After removing the curler, gently lift the hair at the roots of his fingers.

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