Nails, which at first glance seem to be made of crystal, a new boom in the area of capacity. Not surprisingly, the answer to the question of how to achieve such beauty, care, plenty of modern fashionistas.

Special demand is crystal nail among brides. And this is understandable. It looks at the General background of the wedding dress just magically. Yes and in ordinary life, many girls are not averse to flaunt nails of «crystal» and even do all of the work on their capacity on their own.

In the General case, there are two main ways to take in this case. The first is the use of pre-forms, which in specialty stores and boutiques galore. How to achieve them appeared faceted pattern, you can forget. Manufacturers have taken this care yourself. Customers just have to choose the vending option and safely start work.

It is worth noting that the «crystal» capacity does not differ from the usual. It begins, as in the other cases, the ordinary nail Polish, which is intended to contribute to making the end result is a proper share of accuracy.

Then the nail plate is carefully polished, form attached to the nail, all of this together is covered with a special gel and secured under the influence of UV rays of the lamp. Next, the wizard will give nails form. It is worth noting that the choice in this case is quite wide. Marigold as a result of efforts specialist on nail art become acute, oval or square.

Effect of crystal nails achieved and another very popular method, which was awarded the title of «the foil method». As already it was possible to guess the form of increasing the foil is applied. Yes is not simple, and special, with corrugated surface, or otherwise transmitting clear bends inherent in the products from crystal.

For the beginning of the foil is cut basis, imitating the form of extensions. It is pasted on a cardboard average density, the cut in the middle so that during the fit to the top of the nail to avoid gaps between the paper and the nail plate.

Cardboard is attached to a finger. The lower the edges rest against tight in the region under the nail plate. The sides of the roll back to the front, something like the surface of a cone-shaped nail.

Now the master will have to impose on top acrylic or gel (depending on the materials of these two he used to work) first on the natural part of the nail, and then and on an artificial (the one he was previously rolled from glued on paper foil) . Once the coating well will harden, the form of foil can be carefully removed. Crystal nails are ready! Figure depicted on the foil, was imprinted on the nails, letting them Shine sparkling sides. You can leave everything as is, or ask the wizard to apply on top of any figure or glue rhinestones.

Considered only that option assumes that the external surface of the nail plate will be smooth, and the inner grooved. To get the opposite result will have to use all the same foil, but act a little differently: to apply it must be over yet up to the end of the cold gel or acrylic coating. It should be slightly pressed her to figure had time to appear.

When any of the selected methods should remember that transparency inherent in the crystal nails, obliges wizard to take care of proper disguise joint natural nail and artificial forms. How do better to think in advance.

Crystal building looks very impressive. These nails are equally beautiful shimmer like under the hot August sun, music, soft twilight of winter twilight.


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