Deciding on a nail, a woman needs to be ready to the fact that occasionally she would have to make a correction nails. That will require additional time and money.

In essence, nail involves covering the natural nail gel or acrylic mass. Thus, the superimposition of mass occurs in such a way that the nail on which layer of the material for building, which extends over the edge of the natural nail to the desired length. Nail is of two kinds – on tips and on shapes. When expanding the nail on tips to the natural nail attach tips from polymeric materials, then this construction is covered with gel or acrylic.

At escalating of nails on forms under the free edge of the natural nail, подсовывается special foil. Then on the nail with foil put gel or acrylic. After hardening accreted nail, remove the foil. The process of capacity, regardless of how it happens, consists of several stages. First, the natural nail nail file is processed to align its surface and to give the nail roughness. Thanks to this, gel or acrylic will be better to stay.

Then the nails are applied special tools, which allow to improve the adhesion of the surface of the nail with the materials to build. Then, put layers gel or acrylic. Each layer is dried under a special ultraviolet lamp, and, if necessary, is aligned with the files. After reaching the desired thickness, nails using подпиливания given shape. Further extended nail is applied to the image he or decorated other specialized tools such as foil, rhinestones and other. Then the final nail is covered with layers of gel or varnish. Again подпиливается and the drug is processed to remove the sticky layer with nails.

This is actually the process of building completed. However, the natural nail continues to grow, and with it the growth of the movement of the accreted nail up. In the end, accrued layer rises above the nail is not about cuticle, as it was originally, but at some distance from the nail bed. Therefore, to give a manicure attractive appearance, the required correction. In essence nail correction repeats all stages of building, in addition to forming the basis. However, there is a situation, that a significant damage to the nail platinum, have to do full capacity.

How often will need correction nails depends primarily on the speed of the growth of nails. Usually nail noticeably grows approximately two to three weeks. However, this procedure may need before, in the case of the use of substandard materials, which might result in peeling of the accreted nail. Also adjustment may be necessary and if the break or crack once or several nails. Some women also make an unscheduled procedure if they want to make a new design.

The correction itself acrylic nails, or when using varnish, is that cut away the top layer of the accreted material, to get a flat surface, then made the new design and the nail is covered concluding layers of the material for building. Also, when necessary, adjusted nail form and their length. Usually this is required for the reason that in consequence of the growth of nails, increasing their length.

Build-up usually takes more time than correction. On average, the correction is spent approximately thirty percent less time and money. Many beauty salons provide clients that make correction nails exclusively of them, additional discounts.

Correction nail costs approximately fifty dollars and to hold it usually twice a month. These costs are necessarily taken into account in the monthly budget as required. As well only look well-groomed nails.


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