Beautiful well-groomed hands is an important part of the image of every woman. So they remained still and healthy, you need to figure out how often you can paint your nails with gel Polish. Knowing how often to paint her nails, the girl will be able in time to give your fingers a rest from all the coatings and keep them in perfect condition.

Today more and more often hear about the dangers of nail polishes and gels nail. To understand how such tools affect the nail plate, it is necessary first to study their composition. For example, one of the main ingredients of any nail coating is formaldehyde. The main problem is that he, like many other components of the varnish enters the blood and internal organs of the girl by suction. Formaldehyde is a preservative that slowly and gradually has a negative impact on all body systems. Of course, spoil yourself nails. They become brittle, yellowish, dry. Often on the plates even crack.

After reviewing this information, figuring out how often you can paint the nail varnish, the answer is obvious. This is best done in exceptional rare cases.

If a girl wants to regularly enjoy a perfect manicure, she should carefully choose the finish for your nails. In particular — to buy gel polishes without formaldehyde in the composition.

Interestingly, the facts about the dangers of long-term cover and UV lamp for the health of the fair sex are greatly exaggerated. To use this method of accelerated drying, the gel Polish can be almost all women. As the procedure has a small list of contraindications, for their own reassurance you can consult on this with your doctor.

As for long-term coverage, it is safer for the health of girls than regular nail Polish. The question here is not even about the composition. The thing is that the gel Polish lasts on the nails for approximately 2-3 weeks. At this period the girl can easily forget about your manicure and just enjoy its flawless appearance. Choosing regular nail Polish, the lady will need to update the coverage every 3 days using a special liquid and treating the plate with all sorts of tools. Of course, in this case, the nails are much more active deteriorate and weaken.

Despite the fact that the modern gel varnishes are pretty harmless, prolonged exposure under the dense coating is still able to affect the state of the nail plates. They weaken, begin to delaminate and, therefore, needs additional power. To seriously not to spoil your nails, it’s important to periodically give them a break from the long-term cover and any other means.

If a girl for 2 months regularly makes the manicure with the gel Polish, then for the next 2 weeks she should refuse any treatment options of the nail plate. If they are severely weakened, you can only hold a specific procedure of “sealing”. In the process on the nails applied a special vitamin composition, which for 15 days nourishes them and provides all the necessary nutrients.

If you can not visit the beauty salon, you can do treatments to restore the nail plate by yourself at home. For example, a bath of olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice mask from a special nourishing cream mask from cooked oatmeal with honey, etc.

To keep your nails healthy and beautiful, they periodically need to rest from long term and other coatings, and, in addition, to take care of their restoration with the help of folk remedies. When visiting a nail salon regularly for the past 2 months, the next 15 days is better to refuse from such procedures.

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