Как нравится мужчинам – простой секретHello all. Most women have perfectly mastered mathematical or the Humanities during his student activities, but to deceive men have not learned.

It’s very sad, because of the ignorance of the male psychology women have to miss in my life men who were really they deserve.

Actually, to conquer the hearts of the stronger sex without professional knowledge of psychology, you only need to know one secret of seduction. In this article we reveal him to You, dear women.

Someone says that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach, but before you get the opportunity to feed a man, it is necessary for something, as they say, hook. You’re not going to walk along the Avenue with a basin of lettuce and treat them of each of the liked man.

It is therefore very important to know how to love a man already at the first meeting. The secret of success lies in femininity. Yes, femininity like representatives of the stronger sex.

The fact is that every year the modern women are becoming more like men. Men, in turn, feel it, and they literally pushes away from such a brave woman.

Actually in the nature of men pledged that they must be stronger than the woman who is next. Thus, a strong woman simply frightening.

They’re afraid they near it, they will not be able to display all of his masculine qualities and become weak подкаблучников. This man as well, or will not tolerate. And if he has a choice, he will push of a strong woman and will give preference weak feminine nature with which it happens to be real, as they say, man.

This is why if You want to learn to like the guys from the first sight and the day of exploring, then be sure to work on your femininity. Even if You are an imperious woman who can command of the army men, try to awaken their feminine qualities, because in each of us there are. Try to devote more time to his appearance, read reviews about Дешели – a well-known cosmetics, pick a series of care for your skin, visit the hairdresser etc. Work on your beauty.

Learn to be kind, gentle, affectionate, weak and You will soon appear a lawyer that will be fueled by Your caress, tenderness and care. To reveal their femininity sometimes worth a try, in order to rebuild itself.

Unfortunately, some women are so like to be strong, decisive, and strong, that they don’t want to change, but to be one, too, do not want. And such a strong manly woman only two options for the development of personal relations.

Or it would alienate themselves from all men, frightening them courageousness, or find a man who will be much weaker. Most likely, it will live, as they say, for its account, and may even begin to do all the housework at home.

If You have such an option is acceptable, can continue to be courageous. But if You want to see next to a strong self-confident, real man who will take responsibility for You and your children, then right now start to learn to be a woman, how? Know in my future articles.

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