Many men to the muscles of the buttocks have nothing to do. Just pump your body or train in the database (deadlift, squat with a bar and bench press). The thinking that the rest of the muscles themselves gradually, slowly will grow. Some men even embarrassed to admit that their buttocks not in the right form. And especially, do their pumping in the gym.

Упражнения для ягодицTo be popular with the opposite sex, which often draws attention to the men’s assholes, you must download! Below are the exercises that can be performed in the hall and at home. They will help pump up and lead to the desired shape glutes. They, by the way, fit and women!

And still to have toned buttocks and not only, it is sometimes necessary to conduct training on the relief of the body. Read more on the link – training on relief. And now, immediately, go to the exercise.

Squat with a barbell

Присед со штангойThe most common exercise in athletes in the sports hall and not only. If You are a beginner, you should not rush just behind the large scales! Feel free to seem weaker many others in the hall. But, ‘ll smarter. Put it on a rod weight (20-30 kg), put on his shoulders and Crouch. It is desirable to do deep squat, that is, omit ass below the level of knees. Don’t forget about safety. Be sure to keep your back straight and record the vertebrae belt, so as on it is a big load. The exercise is not less than 3 approaches for 12-15 repetitions.


ПробежкаRunning very useful! The best time to run – this evening. Some will think that you need to run in the morning, so make the stars in the movies. However, if you do not want to undermine your precious health, the most suitable for Jogging will evening. Because after sleep, our hearts are still not fully operational. And when running in the morning it works with large loads. Run enough 5 times a week for 10 minutes, it will contribute to the process of bringing in the shape of the buttocks and thighs. How to pump up the biceps hips You know here – how to pump up the biceps, thigh.

Mahi feet

To seem a bit odd, it is better to do this exercise at home when no one sees. This exercise on the buttocks often makes a weak half. Get down on your knees, resting his hands on the floor. And alternately lift your legs up, straightening them in the knee.

«Walking» on the buttocks

Take my ass to the floor and alternately tight down the one buttock, then the second. Very strange, but effective exercise. Run time of about 5 minutes. Gradually, you can zoom in.

As You can see on these exercises a lot of time is needed, and the result satisfy you. Only one hour of exercise a day will result in your buttocks in excellent shape. And be sure that the opposite sex will not be able to take your eyes off your curves.

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