Modern fashionable women finding new ways to Express their individuality, one of which is a nail design. In the nails modeling used different methods of decoration, including two-dimensional modeling.

Most often molding on the nails used to create a wedding or a solemn nail design, however, each woman in any moment can afford to decorate your own nails unique volumetric composition. Before I tell you how to do the molding on the nails, it should be clarified that this process requires a certain level of skill and is performed most often on artificial nails. The natural nail plate is also feasible plane modeling, however, the space for the imagination will be less and configuration will stay longer.

Technology, called two-dimensional modeling of the nails, is based on the application of acrylic compositions and special 3D gels, which serve as material for creating compositions. The obtained patterns combine not only a refined and attractive appearance, and practicality – nails, with a planar modeling are durable and resistant to abrasion and damage. Such outstanding performance is ensured by the unique properties of the gel and acrylic.

The appearance of the nail plate, decorated plane composition, can be very diverse, because with the help of a special material and the right tools you can create almost any 3D drawing. Wide range of colors of acrylic powder and gel allow to draw any smallest details – dark shades of tones. When this figure is not too «stick», it only stands out a bit of the nail plate and does not bring any inconvenience in everyday life.

Before plane modeling, should learn to increase your nails and prepare them for application of surround the drawing. The most common way is an extension of the forms. In this case, the natural nail plate handle – remove the cuticle and a thin layer of skin at the base of the nail. Then the surface degreasing and give the roughness with the help of finely abrasive saws. It is necessary to helium nail firmly «grabbed» with the surface and durable. Then have a free boundary nail put special forms of adhesive and stick to a finger.

At the next stage nails are covered with a layer of gel, giving the necessary length. For this gel cause a dense layer on the surface of the form. After drying received nail under the rays of UV bulb-shaped cut, опиливают, giving the necessary form. All base for further planar sculpt ready. Now on a surface put a base layer of lacquer, and then proceed directly to the creation of nail design. Firstly, we should clarify that planar sculpting exercise on the already painted nails, fully просохших and covered with a layer of lacquer-fixer. This is because after the application of modeling the surface already be painted or handle any other composition.

Moulding – final stage. Before you start creating volumetric composition, you should train on tips – imitation of nail plates or at least on paper. Otherwise, the risk to spoil the appearance of the nail, which will have to re-organize, and to prepare for application of modeling. If design is performed by an experienced master of manicure, such problems can be avoided. The further process of modelling reminds lessons in the art school with a special brush of bead acrylic inflicted on the nail need to dazzle part of the future composition. Note that acrylic powder, applied to the surface should be slightly numb – lose clarity and gloss.

Only a few tens of seconds you can begin building an element using a brush. From one bulb need not try to make a flower – only one petal, and already from another ball – following. In connection with this feature, the size of each ball of acrylic powder must be chosen with great responsibility to the size of the element corresponds to the expectations. For прорисовывания additional lines, shading, shadows should apply acrylic nail. They need to be applied with a thin rod or narrow brushes for manicure.

For everyday decor nail experts recommend to give preference to the design of pastel shades, French manicure with exquisite paintings of planar sculpting. To put such nails a chic and luxury, you can add sparkles or beads in a song. For special occasions – weddings, anniversaries, etc. can be used more loud patterns. Marigold bride costs decorate compositions of delicate white or pink flowers, lace. You can also decorate their rhinestones and sequins.

For a party or another memorable event, it is advisable to use bright modeling, emphasizing the individuality and providing the image of perfection. Given that quality materials to create the sculpt is not cheap, these nails are not normally made for one evening. Depending on the lifestyle of the woman and the care of nails modeling may not be subject to correction for a month and more.

Accordingly, thinking about the design of your nails is to choose generic options, suitable for any occasion and clothing style. Well, refer to a specialist or to make a planar sculpt yourself at home, each woman should decide for herself.

Experienced masters advise master planar sculpting gradually, beginning with the simplest of songs. Before the moulding, it is recommended to complete the nail. Then sculpt will durable.


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