Artificial nails is popular, but unlike acrylic, which require constant correction flexible false nails can be used at home by using a minimal set manicure accessories.

False nails long ceased to be a synonym for a bad taste. This was before they were thick and coarse, very prominent on the nails and unnatural. Now, when girls and women are widely use the services of masters of the capacity of acrylic nails, artificial turf is very popular, only having opted for a flexible, self-adhesive nails you can save both time and money. And, you can change the color of the nails depending on the mood, service or the weather.

Incredibly comfortable they trips, when you do not want to take the risk of contents of baggage – crashed a tiny bottle of nail Polish can notably spoil the holiday. Overhead same nails in this regard absolutely safe, and take much less space. Yes and questions about how to properly stick nails, should arise – once is enough to work out at home in a relaxed atmosphere and pasting them afterwards can be even on the run.

Actually procedure nail sticking incredibly simple. Before you start to glue false nails, it is necessary to wash hands with soap and water, not only for reasons of common sense and hygiene, but also to degrease the surface of the nail, which will provide more high-quality adhesion. Next, you need a well-saw through the outer edge. No need to do the form of the nail square or too acute, usually flexible false nails are designed for the standard height of a nail the majority of European women. Optionally, you can бафом to Polish the surface of the nail plate, but better yet, not to injure the nail once again.

By the way, if nail file often comes with a set, then it is necessary to buy for yourself. Yes, and the stiffness of the files is too big – it is best to use the usual nail tools. After all the nails prepared, you can start the procedure of fixing. Not worth grease the hands cream, and if irritate sawdust nail, you can wash your hands, but wait for the full drying before gluing, one almost invisible drop of water washes permanently damage the invoice nail. How correctly to stick false nails on both hands? There is absolutely nothing complicated, a second after the nail stuck, you can do any work.

Complete with overhead nails almost always a plate for the selection of the correct size of the nail, which clones himself flexible nail. Each plate has its number. Before gluing it is necessary to enclose the natural nail under the plate and if he is absolutely the same (i.e. the nail does not go beyond contours, and at the same time, not too small) , then you need to memorize the number and select it on the basis of self-adhesive nails. With flexible surface of the nail is removed protective layer and the adhesive side of the paste on all surface of a natural. This procedure should be expeditious, it is undesirable to put an artificial nail, as it is thinner sticky layer, and thus negatively affects the resistance.

After an artificial nail applications to the natural needs a bit of press them in the likeness of the children glue labels in a notebook. In General, flexible false nails, this is the label, not paper, and made of a very thin layer of tar, which provides flexibility nails, preventing damage to the nail. This is another advantage compared with the procedure of extension. Flexible nails never fail, and keep the nails to five days, which is two times more than a simple varnish natural nails.

In the set, as a rule, are two sets of flexible nails. This is useful if the nail is not managed properly glued, or gives a chance to wear nails with the same colors after a while. Many women find that the thickness of such nails really gives the feeling of a covering layer of varnish, if the natural nails are quite thick, such coverage may look unnatural. The popularity of such nails ensured the appearance on the market of beauty products holographic varnishes. In the line of fake nails such colors too, but unlike голографиков, the purchase price will be twice lower.

In conclusion we should say that the overhead flexible nails is likely another short-lived influence of fashion, because no matter what, but natural nails will always be fashionable.

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