For a woman who wants to look stylish and well-groomed, every detail is important. Daily you must choose clothes, shoes, harmonious accessories, but that’s not all.

Ideal image always complemented by flawless makeup, and, of course, a manicure. In everyday life nails should always be neatly painted. The majority of women, for the days of work, selects unobtrusive bright shades of nail Polish or French manicure.

Although, in modern times, you can meet and any other types of manicure, for example, dark nail Polish, or artificial nails with a different design or painted. However, all this concerns of everyday life, and that’s holidays everyone wants to boast original and non-standard manicure.

To make a holiday manicure, you can go to a beauty salon to the master who will offer capacity of artificial nails, or variants of design on the natural nails.

You can also think of yourself as beautifully decorate nails, and do it at home. Fortunately, now, in special shops, there are lots of products for nail design. This varnishes and paints, sequins, foil beads, stickers and postcards drawings, sequins, feathers, small artificial flowers, textile mesh, and much more.

Now for any party, including thematic, you can create your own unique manicure. Most often, we decorate the New Year house using all bright and shiny. His nails a woman can also decorate.

You can buy special stickers on the nails with images snowmen, Santa Claus, Christmas decorations or branches, or with symbols of the coming year. If sticker glue not really want to, or don’t have the time, then you can decorate your nails in another way.

For example, the layer of varnish can be applied sequins or beads, add pieces of foil and multi-colored feathers, stick стразики. All this is done through a thin sticks and special glue or fixer for varnish. There is, moreover, the transfer foil, which is applied very easily. You just need to apply to nail adhesive or hardener, attach a foil and sharp movement to pull it.

On the nail will remain only the part that stuck to the coverage. Rhinestones you can also stick, giving them a certain form, or in a chaotic manner. A lot of options, the main thing is not to overdo it with ornaments, not to «overload» design.

If you add in manicure shiny items not quite want, then you can create a beautiful design and using just varnishes and paints. This would require some skill, but if several times pre-workout, then to the holiday manicure can easily. To create pictures of lacquers and paints may be necessary thin paint brushes, floss, needles, Scotch and, of course, nail Polish remover.

Those who have a lot of free time, you can try the original way of decorating nails. To do this in a small container of water to drip lacquer, first one color, then another, contrast or combined. It should be noted that each new drop should be added to the center of the spot, which will be formed on the water. Color varnish can be two or more, and droplets in General as much as you like.

Then formed a multicolored speck need to shape up with a toothpick. It is absolutely not difficult, you just need to gently led on the surface varnish, collecting his toothpick and gradually mixing colors. When varnish stain will acquire attractive appearance, you need to sharp movement dip your finger in the water, while the surface of the nail should be parallel to the water.

So, while the finger is in the water, one must carefully remove the remnants of varnish film, clocked it on a toothpick, and then pull finger and wipe the liquid varnish remover nail Polish excesses. This method is a little complicated, and the result on the nails all the same will not, but the pattern looks pretty nice.

There is another way of how to decorate nails. You can also apply on the cover of one strip color or black point white, or another color. This is done thin brush, or a thin stick, for example, with a toothpick.

You can use varnishes and acrylic paint, but it is better to buy paint. Their advantage is that they do not spread on the surface of the nail, as varnish. If you have a particular skill to paint, you can do to try to paint the nails by yourself.

You can draw animal print, this kind of figure the easiest. If fantasy come on, you can paint and some flowers, or pattern, reminiscent of a lace.

To owners of long nails, there is a way decorate them as piercing. Perhaps, to any party, it will look appropriate. Self piercing nail do not work, you just need to contact the webmaster.

In the artificial nail specialist высверлит hole special thin drill, and then, with the help of forceps inserts there small, elegant nose ring. With the decoration should be treated with the utmost care not to catch them by the hair or clothes, or you may hurt himself nail.

This is only a small part of the variety of designs that can be created on the nails on their own, or by contacting the webmaster.

New types of nail decoration for parties are created daily, so find something individual for himself could any girl. Simply connect your imagination, and spend a bit of time and money.


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