Elegant and neat manicure is an integral feature of the modern well-groomed woman or girl. Thanks to the original, beautiful and elegant manicure ladies feel more confident.

And do not have to go for these weapons of mass destruction in elite beauty salon. Enough to know some of the secrets of how clean and paint the nails yourself, to have minimum skills in manicure and sufficient tools and varnishes.

First of all, we should not forget about the beauty not only nail that they can give, but also about the systematic care for the skin of hands, rehabilitation of the nail plate. After all, beautiful manicures on neglected, scaly hands will not look that bad, but it just seems weird. To prevent this «моветона»one should not only daily to use moisturizers, and regularly hold their arms «bath» procedures and nails – the output of decorative coatings.

It takes only one or two times a week do handles relaxing baths with essential oils, sea salt or a pinch of baking soda. After the bath, hands should dry towel and apply a nourishing moisturizer. If the nails are not enough strong, recommended some time not use colored decorative enamel, and therapeutic varnishes, containing in its composition calcium and vitamin B5, this will strengthen nails and in the future

To avoid yellowness of the nail plate when using varnishes dark tones, use transparent basis. For a spectacular manicure nail plates with small defects (bumps, holes, transverse or longitudinal grooves) must be polished. Grinding should be carried out after softening the containers nails dried with a towel, then processed grinding sew concluding stage will be polishing a piece of suede.

The simplest answer to the question, how beautiful to paint nails yourself, be sure the mono-chrome version. But the fact that it is a single color, does not mean that the pens will look simple and uninteresting. So, for manicure need a set of typical instruments: nail file, tweezers, manicure scissors, shovels to raise the cuticle (or a special tool to remove) , baby bath, warm water, sea salt or baking soda, any essential oil. Best fir, but it is a matter of taste.

Still need a tool to remove paint, wool or cotton swabs. Tool Polish remover is best choice, in which there is no acetone. But, if such equipment is not available, you can search the home medicine Cabinet glycerin and add a few drops in nail Polish remover, resulting negative impact acetone nail plate will be reduced. Of varnishes need: decorative enamel, varnish-basis, a fixer. As a fixer, you can use a transparent lacquer with lovely sequins, matching the color to the main ground.

So, you need to remove the remnants of the old decorative lacquer (if he was) , deleted a few minutes pens in a warm relaxing bath, dry, apply the cream and massage, then remove the cuticle. If cuticle is removed mechanically, you should consider it carefully lift the spatula and cut scissors or clippers one rounded movement. This method is used to cuticle grew further evenly, without forming burrs.

To avoid injury, edge ножничек must press closer to the nail, but also without fanaticism, especially if the nails fragile and prone to delamination. After the excess skin is removed, should take the form of nails with the help of ножничек manicure and nail files. Of course, the form nails depends on the nature and personal tastes, but be aware that narrow, sharp nails are not suitable for owners of big palms, they should pick up a different shape.

After the nails are processed and applied to transparent, proceed to coating color of enamel. You should not shake the bottle of nail Polish: to mix and refresh enough to ride a closed tank between your hands and brush pull вихреобразным movement. This method allows to mix the layers of varnish without formation of air bubbles, which degrade the quality of manicure. Varnish is applied in three movements: the first smear centered, then smooth, confident and light strokes on the sides.

If everything does not go apply equal covering three strokes, do not be upset: a little practice to hone this technique is simple enough. Color nail you can apply one or two coats depending on the desired effect, and over – fixer or a colourless varnish glitter. This manicure simple enough to be a daily and effective enough to be used in addition to evening dress, the main thing is to coat colour and service in harmony among themselves.

Another way to paint beautifully nails at home – make gradient manicure. For he will need all of the above tools and materials, as well as for the foam will suit even the usual pure поролоновая sponge for washing dishes. In addition, it will be necessary to cotton swabs and more wide palette of paints. Prepare nails, give them the desired shape and cover colorless basis. Then, while the base is drying out, cut a piece of foam approximately the form of nail and such length, so that it was easy to hold. Him brush applied thick layers of varnish each other vertically.

To make manicure brighter, as the basis is to use a bright light varnish. There are usually two or three colors, although the gradient palette, and more. Inflicting on the foam varnishes, you should make sure that he didn’t have time to harden and time to squeeze the sponge to the nail plate. If at first has turned out not absolutely clear pattern, you should press the foam several times, slightly shading: maybe just suffered insufficient layer of varnish. After thus were handled all of the fingers and thumb-nails, nail Polish excesses spilled on the skin carefully removed with a cotton swab soaked in a special liquid, and the nails are a fixer.

So, in order to get a beautiful well-groomed hands don’t need to put a lot of effort or big money. Enough to know the technology of use of various paints small tricks beauties.

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