обертывания от целлюлита в домашних условиях

Still, it would seem, recently it was impossible to imagine that намажешься something pleasantly hot, you get under the blanket and there thou shalt happy to lie. But it was summer, and in autumn, and, moreover, in winter, under a blanket to lie as much handier, and if and to the benefit of beauty that is one of the surest means of autumn and winter Blues!

For holding the hot wraps at home you will need:

обертывания от целлюлита в домашних условиях

  • a warm blanket, for example, from Ivanovo http://domovitas.ru/?mid=3&id=32,
  • two large pieces of polyethylene or two oilcloth, for example, two budget shower curtains,
  • special elastic bandage for wrappings or cut into strips and rolled suitable fabric.

Hot wraps are not suitable if you have problems with the veins or arteries. In this case, burning components can be replaced cooling or do without термоэффекта.

  • 1-1,5 liters of olive or any other vegetable oil,
  • l of a glass of green tea without additives
  • l of a glass of strong coffee, finely (better freshly ground),
  • 1 glass of marine algae (kelp, fucus,…),
  • essential oils with anti-cellulite effect (rosemary, grapefruit, tangerine, orange…),
  • cooling or warming essential oils (cinnamon, black pepper, eucalyptus, mint…) or warming spices (red pepper, black pepper, cinnamon…).

обертывания от целлюлита в домашних условияхFirst, prepare a Foundation for future wraps. For this перемелите in a blender or a coffee grinder green tea, algae, and coffee. Vegetable oil is heated to a pleasant-hot state in a water bath.

Pour hot vegetable oil blend of coffee, tea and algae, stir, cover with a tight lid and let it cool. Then stir again and let sit for 2-3 days. Then, the finished oil infusion mix again and strain through several layers of gauze.

The remaining «cake» can be used in anti-cellulite body scrubs, adding to it, for example, sea salt and essential oils.

обертывания от целлюлита в домашних условияхOil (about one-third of) pour into a flat bowl and add the essential oils. Check that the mixture is too burning. Lower oil bandages and give them thoroughly soak up the oil.

Before wrapping treat air refreshing skin scrub, mix, for example, shower gel with ground coffee and sugar. This will greatly enhance the effect of the wraps. The skin after the wipe.

Lay one of the cloths on the bed, another place the next. Start bandaged legs upward, toward the heart. My legs better to raise it up. You can also wrap the forearm, buttocks and the waist…

Забинтовавшись, lie on an oilcloth, a top cover yourself with another and a warm blanket.

обертывания от целлюлита в домашних условияхAfter 30-40 minutes, remove the bandage, wash off the oil and apply on the skin cellulite cream. Here will be better to use a contrast effect and after the hot wraps cause cooling cream.

The course home wraps, cellulite:

10 wraps twice a week.

Possible contraindications, particularly allergic reactions.

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