горячие ножницыProbably not, women who would not dream of a luxurious head of hair. But the condition of the hair most of the leaves much to be desired: improper care, coloring, coloring, stress and bad ecology make hair split and lifeless. And the real salvation for such hair become hot scissors, who literally «seal» the ends of the hair, not allowing them to split.


A common problem

Section of hair is hair, split or break off at the ends. Such hair dull, lifeless, easily confused. They always look неухожено, even the most luxurious hair and careful stacking not save, if your hacked hair sticking out in different directions.

With the problem of split ends face very many, this is especially true owners of long hair. This is obviously because the longer the hair, the more they are older, therefore, the longer they are exposed to various negative factors.

Hair can no longer split for different reasons. Typically, this issue occurs due to:

  • improper hair care. The use of inappropriate shampoos, frequent coloring, начесывание, immoderate trimming and Perm hair-dryer too hot Hairdryer, use of inappropriate combs – all these errors lead to the fact that the ends of the hair get too dry.
  • poor nutrition hair. This issue can occur in people on a diet or eats too monotonous. Its role and infringements of blood circulation of the scalp different etiology.
  • external factors, which include chlorinated and sea water, sun, frost and wind.


Ways to fight

горячие ножницыTips brittle hair out of brightness, they appear lighter than the rest of your hair, do not keep their shape and very noticeable to others. Although there are many sera, allowing to combine the ends of the hair, the effect of such equipment is usually negligible. Truly reliable way to deal with split ends – scissors. If regularly cut the ends of the hair, they look healthy and beautiful.

But the usual haircut has a short-term effect: after a month of split ends may reappear. This is because the usual haircut violates the structure of the hair and leaves the ends of the strands of the unprotected: as a result of the tips of the hair quickly get too dry again.

Much more effectively grooming scissors. During this procedure, the tips of the hair under the influence of high temperature as if «fused» and have not been split. Hair maintain optimum moisture level and look healthy and strong.

It is believed that this haircut practiced yet Cleopatra: slaves specially heated scissors that cut their hair Queen. Modern scissors for «hot haircuts constructed differently: the tool itself is still cold, heat, only the working surface. The heating is regulated by the wizard, depending on the individual features of the structure of hair and their needs.


How is the procedure

Before hair scissors hair undergo a special apparatus, which allows you to see the structure of the hair. After that, depending on their status master can figure out how to cut hair, that their condition has improved. For thin hair usually apply temperature from one hundred and ten to one hundred and thirty degrees, for normal hair scissors heated stronger and thicker hair are cut with scissors, the temperature of which is one hundred and fifty degrees.

горячие ножницыHaircutting scissors lasts quite a long time. First stylist every strand twists in the flagellum, thus finding the split ends and severing them. If hair a lot, and they are long, the process may take longer. After this hairstyle given shape. Grooming is done the same with hot scissors, but now trim it not only split ends, but healthy.

To give shape to the hairstyle can’t use the usual tools – this would nullify the whole effect of the hot scissors. For final processing strands can be used special «hot razor».

Those who lets his hair grow, usually very sorry for cutting off the ends. But when you use hot scissors hair length almost not reduced: it mainly processed only split ends. In addition, a haircut enough to do every month, and three to four times a year. However, usually masters advise that the first three times, to cut their hair scissors once a month, and then repeat the procedure every three months. Such approach allows to avoid splitting the tips and return hairstyle attractiveness for a couple of months.

Sometimes haircut hot scissors recommend and the owner of the short hair trimmed so good hair style. Hair after several treatments markedly become healthy, well-groomed look like a picture from a fashion magazine, but the significant effect happens after the first procedure.


Disadvantages of grooming scissors

The main drawback procedure is, of course, its price, which can be considerably higher than the price of ordinary подравнивания ends. But not only the high cost leads many women to abandon procedures: judging by the reviews of those who tried such haircuts, the results are not always satisfactory. Efficiency of the procedure is highly dependent on the skill of the masters: just expose the wrong temperature of hot scissors to the procedure of useful being harmful.

Not once cut scissors and forget about the problems with the hair: the procedure must be repeated regularly as regrowth of hair. And to be in need of hot haircut occurred less frequently, you should be especially careful about hair: rarely Hairdryer, use only high-quality dyes, eat properly, do not forget about vitamins, worry less and protect the hair from the sun, frost and wind.

Maria Bykova

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