домашние маски для увеличения губ

Who said that thin lips you can correct only drove them in a couple of tablespoons of collagen, or even your own, sorry, fat? Everything can be much easier. Perhaps, Angelina Jolie’s lips you in a way not get, but here’s a neat little sponges Megan Fox completely, if, of course, still накрасите with knowledge of the case.

If you don’t know who is Megan Fox and that there she has with her lips, then here all about her. Magazine «Glamour» always aware of the latest events in the world of fashion and beauty, and in the life of celebrities.

Temporarily increase the lips can be using the funds from the cooling or warming effect. Also, helps фейсбилдинг, which is able to significantly change the facial features, including lips. Besides well-groomed and smooth lips themselves seem fuller and more desirable dry and chapped.

The most simple exercises for lip augmentation is a Mahi with the pencil first, and then something heavier. Clamp his lips, without the use of teeth, pencil, sit straight, straighten and move your shoulders, keep your head in line with the spine and «write» in the air pencil whole alphabet or a letter to her lover. This fine motor skills will strengthen the muscles of the face and ensure flow of blood to his lips, making them almost immediately brighter and fuller. Besides, this is a good tool for getting rid of a double chin and nasolabial folds.

As for the masks for lip augmentation, you should take note of the following recipes.

Mask lips cooling effect: 1 teaspoon of the dissolved gelatin 3-5 drops of the essential oil of eucalyptus or mint, half teaspoon of honey (you can candied). Apply the mask on the lips thin layer at the time of applying makeup. While you are busy face and eyes, a mask will have time to act. Remove it with a soft cosmetic tissue and wipe the lips миццелярной or plain water.

To increase the effects do some «Mach» in pencil, in any subordinate, cosmetic. When the pencil will seem too easy, in the case can go brush makeup or even first tea, and then tablespoons, preferably with a rough handle.

Apply on the lips thin layer of moisturizing balm or cream, let it soak in and complete makeover.

Mask lips with the warming effect: 1 teaspoon vitamin E oil, a handful of red pepper. Mix and use as a mask above.

As for large-lip make-up, the following video makeup lip in the style of Megan Fox bright example.

Possible contraindications, particularly allergic reactions.

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