It happens that the home clothes are shapeless Bathrobe, who lost kind of sports suit or released from fashion jeans. But заношенные things look малопривлекательно and in harsh jeans hard to relax. But, returning home after a long hard day, so I want to throw off the «working armor», clothe in something soft, comfortable and very convenient.

What kind of home clothes prefer women?

Современная домашняя одеждаThe days of the Soviet deficit is passed. It is no longer necessary decades wear the same things, gradually moving their everyday clothes in the category of your home or Villa.

There are special shops of home textiles, offering a great choice of different apparels for home wearing. And the products are presented, as they say, for every taste and purse. He who has pressed for financial capabilities, acquires the expensive name brand items from world renowned manufacturers. And some people, paying a reasonable price, can pick up very high-quality clothing.

Requirements for home clothes are simple:

  • Things intended for rest and work at home should be comfortable: to ensure the freedom of movement.
  • It is desirable that the clothes of light and natural fabric for the body to relax, and the skin to breathe.
  • Minimum time to care: washing, drying, Ironing.
  • Strength and durability. If after the first wash the thing should be thrown away – it does not please you.
  • Retention of the original forms and colors. Растягивающиеся and moulting products can not be classified as successful purchases.
  • Attractive appearance. Beautiful clothes uplifting and gives a sense of confidence. The house is as important as and at work.
  • Style. And in the home included a woman wants to look fashionable.

Knitted suit is the best choice

Домашний трикотажный костюмPerhaps the most convenient home clothes can be called successfully chosen costume from the Jersey. Developed by experienced designers, well-tailored, suitable for the size and style is a set of very paints his mistress and gives her comfort.

When you select should pay attention to the homemade knitted suits from Ivanovo. Gossip – the best form of advertising. And in Russia, probably, no man is not heard about this city-the brand.

Distinctive features of the Ivanovo Jersey:

  • The name of the city, where made thing has become synonymous with quality. No wonder the products of local production are always in demand. Wizard maintain their reputation. The quality is guaranteed.
  • The lowest prices. Few can compete on the value of the goods Ivanovo manufacturers.
  • All clothing is very practical: easy to wash, almost not wrinkled, dries quickly, retains its shape and color for a long time.
  • Boundless choice. Just look at a couple of directories available on the Internet to dispel the doubts. The collection is constantly changing.
  • All new developments are responsible fashion trends.

All the costumes are good – choose and buy

Хороший домашний трикотажWhen are looking at his new collection, understand that designers do not forget anyone. Old and young, plump and slender, tall and «itself», serious and reckless, sports and romantic – everyone will find the right model.

Usually home costume consists of two items. «Top» may be submitted by: t-shirt, t-shirt tunic, jacket, shirt, waistcoat, водолазкой or sweater. «Bottom» also has variants: trousers and shorts of various styles and lengths, leggings, Cycling shorts, short and long skirts. The number of combinations is enormous. The colors are the most diverse. Styles – any. It is difficult to make a choice of one model – buy multiple, rates allow it. Read more on the website

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