домашние маски для лица

Homemade facial masks are good, availability, efficiency, and perhaps most importantly, the creative component. Because it is so interesting, намешать own, unique homemade facial mask and see what happens, and then намешать another and see that this time it will. This process is infinite and so is remarkable.

Choose a basis for homemade facial masks

Of course, and the basis for any home facial mask is skin type its Creator and the goal that the Creator has. If the skin is dry – take fats, if the skin is oily – take acid and something driest. But if you want to energize oily skin, then the same fats in homemade face mask will not redundant, but not such intensive, for example, plain yogurt, cottage cheese or a light некомедогенное vegetable oil, if such exists, of course.

Mixed skin of the person requires a certain neutrality in the composition of household masks, that is not very fatty and not very высушивающее, or owners of this type of skin have to do two homemade face mask: one for the dry areas, and other oily. However, to do them at the same time it is not necessary, therefore, oily T-zone clean clay, for example, on Tuesdays, and dry scaly cheeks generously умасливаем on Thursdays.

In addition oils, clay, milk and dairy products the basis homemade facial masks can be fruits and vegetables. Here too all is simple: the more sour vegetable-fruit, the fatter the skin, and sweeter than – the skin drier.

домашние маски для лицаOverseas fruit avocado with absolutely neutral taste is suitable for dry skin, but our native potatoes in the structure of the home mask in the form of juice, pulp and potato starch will help remove swelling and puffiness of the face and skin types. Only for dry skin it is better to mix with whipped cream or sour cream oily, and in the case of oily skin – with yogurt or low-fat yogurt.

Sour cabbage on the same fact and sour, to a perfect fit for oily skin in the mix, for example, juice and potato starch and rye flour.

Pulp of boiled peas and beans – universal constituents anti-aging household masks for any skin type.

The additive in household mask for face

One basis is too boring, though exists, except that clay would be better to dilute with water. If you just spread the person yogurt or oil you don’t delivers cosmetic joy, go directly to the process of creating its actually homemade facial masks.

If you want to declare war wrinkles, yolk, vitamin A and vitamin E to help you. For oily skin home masks for face yolk would be better to replace the beaten egg whites, however, the dry skin on the protein mixture of oils also responds very well, but oil should not be sorry.

Add, of course, honey, and a homemade facial mask for any skin type. Oily skin he will improve and to cleanse, and dry moisturize and soften.

Yeast, lemon juice, chocolate, essential oils, vegetable and fruit juice, aloe juice, cucumber juice – put all that loves our skin, especially while not taking care to home mask for face looked like a mask. Let it be incomprehensible slurry загустим we at the next creative stage.

домашние маски для лица

The final touch to your home face mask

Maybe your home facial mask already fits your consistency and you are quite satisfied with the composition, if the mask are still more reminiscent of the above-mentioned matter, it should be thickened. For this purpose we take ground oats, wheat, rye, rice, corn starch, talc, any cosmetic clay. Cosmetic clay, rye flour and talc is better suited for oily skin, other thickeners quite versatile. Rye flour will be better pre-mixed with oatmeal, otherwise it will be very difficult to stir.

Let your author’s homemade facial mask will be of medium density, otherwise it too quickly dries or drained from his face.

The use of homemade facial masks

Ready homemade facial mask is applied to clean skin for 15-20 minutes. Mask with the protein can be applied in several layers, giving to each layer slightly dry up. The rest of the mask, as a rule, allowed to dry on the skin should not, if the mask started to dry out, it can moisten, sprinkled on a person, for example, thermal water, or simply patting damp palms on her face.

The course home facial masks

To decide whether successful you to your original home facial mask, make it 1-3 times a week 2-3 weeks, and then decide whether cost mask spent on it creative forces and products. If the result is far from expected, you can always get mixed up some homemade facial mask, but this time starting from the negative experience.

домашние маски для лица

Possible contraindications, in particular, allergic reactions.

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