голливудский маникюрWell-groomed nails and a perfect manicure, which we can see the stars of Hollywood cinema now become a reality for us. Moreover, there is no need to travel to the United States for the application of this coating, to cope with this difficult task can be in the home, while spending minimum of your free time. But how do Hollywood manicure yourself, we will tell you on the website Beauty-Hands.ru.

A technique coating nails relatively recently, only in 2007. A place of its origin is also considered to be Hollywood, where actually the name of this design, in fact, occurred nearby.

In fact, the main feature of this manicure is unsurpassed brilliance of the nail plate. This may include color noble metals with their gloss, and any other variations in shades that are created with the help of special materials.

There are two types of design of nails, each with different technique coating:

  • Hollywood nail design using film
  • nail foil-clad material

In either case, there is no need to spend a lot of time on the coating. And the result is excellent.

голливудский маникюр

голливудский маникюр

голливудский маникюр

Hollywood manicure using foil: instructions for creating a

To execute a similar manicure not need any special equipment and expensive materials. Foil and special glue needed to solidify the material can be purchased in any store manicure accessories. And the cost of materials is quite affordable.

Next on the website Beauty-Hands.ru imagine you step by step instructions on making a Hollywood nail design.

  1. The first thing you must run the standard preparation of the nail plate with the removal of remnants of the old varnish, by the circumcision of cuticle and nail buffing.
  2. Further nail plate degreased and optionally apply any decorative coating, corresponding to the design, or the regular colourless varnish.
  3. After the glue is applied. This may be a band, drops, or, alternatively, the adhesive can be applied on the entire nail plate. It all depends on what kind of design you thought.
  4. After applying the adhesive foil is applied, with the frosted side to the surface of the nail and carefully smoothed.
  5. Remove the foil and get stylish and modern manicure appropriate fashion trends.
  6. The last step is the application of protective coating for giving nails of unsurpassed splendor.

As you can see, is Hollywood manicure simply and quickly. It is noteworthy that possibly, as on natural nails, and after prior capacity. The length of the nail plate is of no importance. And all depends on your preference and boundless imagination.

Fans of simple painting nails offer article about the series varnishes brand Sally Hansen that would give your nails healthy and well-groomed appearance for a long time .

голливудский маникюр

голливудский маникюр

голливудский маникюр

голливудский маникюр

Hollywood nail design using the film Minx

This type of design has some distinctive traits from one type of manicure described above. Primarily for his creation of the foil is not used, a special film gloss. In addition there is no need in application of any adhesive or additional coatings.

  1. To create a Hollywood manicure using a special film must also prepare the nail plate, making its surface is perfectly smooth.
  2. Foil stickers is preliminary necessary to warm up, then fix the nails, carefully having levelled surface.
  3. The excess material should be removed from using scissors or nail files.

The technique of creating a Hollywood nail design in this way is more straightforward, but it has some disadvantages. First, to date, the cost of the film material is the company’s high enough. Secondly, for the performance of design it is necessary to warm up the film in a special lamp, the acquisition of which may also be expensive item of expenditure. And, thirdly, this coating is very short-term (up to 5 days without contact with warm water). And the attempts to correct this with the help of the additional application to assign a basis, will cause loss of gloss which is the main feature of Hollywood manicure Minx.

So, when choosing the most suitable option Hollywood design, should act at their discretion, taking into account financial possibilities and requirements for the quality and appearance of the coating. But in any case such a manicure your nails will look not just attractive, bright and original.

If there is no time to salons and want to update your manicure, do it right at home at our advice.

Yulia Gavrilova for customers Beauty-Hands.ru


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