Хилари Дафф хочет вернуть экс-бойфренд, с которым она рассталась 11 лет назад

About what Hilary Duff separated from her husband Mike Комри has become known only a couple of months ago, and to free the actress already hard line wedges young people. First celebrity was spotted at the concert Miley Cyrus with ‘s new boyfriend and now it became known that even former beloved stars have types.

Thus, recently ex-boyfriend Hilary 26-year-old actor and singer Aaron Carter, with whom the star of the Disney met in 2000-2003, literally sucidal Duff declarations of love, however, only virtual. Young people have posted on his Twitter page several high-profile declarations addressed ex-girlfriend.

Don’t be such idiots like me who lose the love of his life forever.To the public not doubt, that we are talking about Hilary, Aaron “Revital” photo actress and attached it to the record. Besides, the singer stressed that his intentions are serious and he is ready to do anything just to regain the love Duff.

I will spend the rest of his life trying to become better, to bring her back. And I don’t care what you think of me.

The latter was a reference to subscribers stars. In fact, that readers have suspected Carter of insincerity and buffoonery, and they can understand. Agree, it is difficult to believe that the young man suddenly “changed his mind” after 11 years. Let’s remind, the alleged cause of parting pairs in late 2003 was cheating Aaron with Lindsay Lohan.

How vigorously the young man is configured to return Hilary, time will show. We can only add that the very Duff from any comments abstain.

любовь хилари дафф намерен вернуть ее бывший бойфренд аарон картер
Love Hilary Duff is determined to return to her former boyfriend Aaron Carter

актер и певец аарон картер сделал на своей странице в twitter несколько громких заявлений
Aaron Carter on his Twitter page made several loud statements

аарон картер сообщил, что пойдет на все, лишь бы вернуть хилари дафф
Aaron Carter said that he would do anything to return Hilary Duff

хилари дафф и аарон картер встречались с 2000 по 2003 года
Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter met with 2000 on 2003

пара рассталась из-за измены картера с линдси лохан
Hilary and Aaron was separated because of the betrayal of a casing with Lindsay Lohan

интересно, что хилари дафф думает о заявлениях картера?
Interestingly, Hilary Duff thinks about statements Aaron Carter?

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