People are not inclined to link their illness with what he eats. However, what he takes in food, can severely affect his condition. Poor power quality can affect any organ: the stomach, the intestines, eyes, brain, musculoskeletal locomotor system – all suffer from nutrition. Surprisingly, even the amount of perspiration is directly dependent on the products we eat.

How is this possible?

Потоотделение и едаHeavy sweating really can be the result of taking certain products. The first place occupy strong drinks: wine, beer, vodka etc – all they are capable of expanding not only the vessels, but the pores through which a copious stream of sweat stands out. Of course, this is a temporary effect, and once the action of alcohol stops symptom goes away. However, systematic use of pores get used to the extended state, and will remain so forever. And, as you know, narrow pores very difficult.

Also a minor impact on sweating has and Smoking, which can slightly enhance metabolism, including activates the sweat glands.

Горячая еда и потоотделениеAlso increase the amount of sweat may and hot food. As you have noticed that eating a bowl of soup or drinking hot tea, you broke into a sweat? From time to time it is even useful. But if you suffer from hyperhidrosis, it is better once to provoke the body and do not give him license. Do not drink too hot food, especially in the heat.

Promotes the increase of sweating and various seasonings. This is especially true for garlic – it stimulates the activity of sweat glands, and they start to produce more sweat. Of course, to renounce this product is not worth it, but if there is the problem of hyperhidrosis the need to reduce its use.

Потливость ногCaution should be treated and products such as onions and peppers. They will long linger in the body and recycle it through the oils that are indispensable in the body. Including through sweat.

Eating spicy foods manifests excessive sweating of the feet. This forms a sharp and unpleasant smell. Feet smell like garlic or onions, which are often used in food.

If you suffer from profuse sweating, you should follow the rules of a balanced diet. This means that it is better to give preference to natural products: vegetables, fruits, fish. Of course, you should not completely abandon your favorite dishes, but for the opportunity to reduce their consumption to a minimum.

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