Chinese healers were always confident that the kind of nails it is possible to determine the exact picture of the state of human health. It is really so, fingers are connected to all systems of the body and the energy channels.

Modern physicians largely agree with this statement. Nails is a kind of medical card of a person, which can pretty much tell us about the state of health, up on previous diseases. The appearance of the nail bed grooves spots signs of stratification or thinning, testifies not only to the wrong care.

Каквыглядят healthy nails? They have a natural shiny appearance, pinkish hue, not exfoliate, do not crumble, have the correct edges and outlines. If in them there are any defects, and this occurs systematically, it’s time to pay attention to your health.

Unfortunately, even the beautiful nails do not always speak about health. Therefore, to monitor not only the condition of the whole organism, but carry out a complex of procedures for the recovery of the nail. Well – groomed hands is a kind of status in society. And health nails is his main indicator. All those who care about their status, should certainly take care of myself, and pay particular attention to business card – hands.

If we make a small digression into the history, you can easily find out that маникюрное case arose in Ancient Egypt, and on today’s day is one of the most popular procedure. However, particularly the rapid development of manicure art began in the USA. At that time, the whole process was limited to processing by cutting and polishing of the nail surface, because coatings at that time was not yet, and no ways to decorate nails, too, did not exist. The first varnish appeared only in 1932. He had a bright red color and enjoyed a resounding success with the ladies.

If we talk about the health of nails, do not forget that the tools that you use must be of high quality and mostly expensive. Contact with any chemicals, cheap low-quality varnishes and liquids to remove it normally destroy the strength of the nails. Especially if the composition contains chlorine. So you should be very careful about the choice of means.

If you have any abnormalities in the appearance, you should immediately consult your doctor and find out the reason, because they can be very numerous, and the consequences are extremely dangerous. The cause of the poor appearance of the nails can be quite different. For example, yellowish-brown color may indicate any gribkovom, is considered to be one of the first symptoms of psoriasis or dermatitis. In addition, after a long reception of antibiotics appearance of the nails may go bad in that direction.

If the nail changes its color and begins to turn white, then this may indicate an injury during a manicure or the availability of different air cavities under the nails, or гематоме received any way. The fragility may indicate bad metabolism and repeated contact with alkaline solutions. Such a situation often faced hairdressers.

If the nail looks «depraved», it usually indicates a severe infection, severe fungal disease or intoxication. And exfoliate your nails may from frequent use of paints with high content of phenol, formaldehyde, or with the disease of the thyroid gland and hormonal disturbances. Convexity of the nail may declare a lung or heart failure. And concave nails can often meet people with the lack of protein in the body.

To prevent possible and at home. Doing absolutely not difficult, and benefit from such actions pretty much a beneficial effect on the nails. Health nails provided, if to take bath with sea salt with the essential oils. To do this in a small bowl or basin, dial warm water, to fill with salt, add a few drops of essential small, and so sit for twenty minutes. Lubricate the nail plate useful lemon.

Need to take drugs that contain calcium, especially for autumn and spring period, when vitamins sorely lacking. Do not forget to take care of a skin of hands, which often dries and cracks. Great tool – coffee grounds, it is enough to apply for five minutes, to handle looked great. Still it is possible to grease on the night of the skin ointment calendula and wear gloves made of cotton. In the morning hands visibly transformed. To result was good and resistant to perform all procedures regularly.

Moreover, do not forget about nutrition. Products such as dates, nuts, cheese, figs, sesame seeds, and seafood contain all that is so necessary for human health. Eat more buckwheat, beans, corn, carrot, chocolate, apricots, liver, green. These products contain a large amount of manganese. Iron is the microelement, which is so often lacking women. So be sure to include fresh vegetables, fruit, natural vegetable and fruit juices. Sweets eat as little as possible.

You need to remember if the problem has already appeared, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist. Of course, you need to and should try to cope with the situation. The main thing is not to run the problem.

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