прически для очень длинных волосLong hair embody beauty, but also force women. At least on this account there is an ancient belief, according to which the hair is concentrated powerful energy and life force, and with their help, beautiful floor can communicate with the cosmos. But all these myths and legends in which you can believe or not to believe. Much more of a problem with modern girls long hair is the need for daily care for them, lay, trying to minimize trauma for them. What if they are very long? The problem becomes more urgent, and their owner will have to find practical hairstyles for very long hair.

The daily challenges in the name of beauty

What kind of hair can be considered a very long? The answer may be different. Someone considers such hair to waist, the other – those below the belt, but for someone very long – those that tickle your knees and dragged on the ground. Whatever the personal criteria, hair down below the waist, lay difficult.

Hard to argue with the fact that very long hair, especially if it is thick, have even color and natural lustre is a stunningly beautiful and feminine. People who watch this beauty, remember the fairy princesses, who lowered their spit of the high towers of her lover. But in our time this is not necessary (and if there was, stylists would unanimously advised against such tricks even for the sake of love). The problem of creation of hairstyles for such hair is preservation of their health, at the extreme length seems almost impossible.

Options hairstyles

Most of hairstyles for very long hair somehow revolves around the theme of the beam and its different interpretations. Smooth beam, disheveled, low and high, with interwoven into it spits oblique-crown round head, created from one of the colon or many small braids, United in a ponytail, and then twisted in a bun. All these hairstyles are the place to be, by reason of its facilities – hair completely matched, keep the style, fit into the image. The disadvantage of these hairstyles is their traumatism hair, especially if they have to wear every day. Sterzhen hair in these укладках several times subjected to mechanical stress, so before creating this hairstyle is very desirable to put on hair cream, spray, and in the intervals between styling cure them, restoring the structure.

For holidays, special occasions, secular receptions, discos, long hair can be left loose, but always giving them special. It could be spit-crown, harnesses on the sides of the temples or two braids that trudge from the level of the ears to the ends. And harnesses and spit you can then connect back to the occipital part above bonding beautiful barrette, strap or metal invisible. But you can also link the two end, leaving them invisible to the eyes of strangers – having removed the top lot of hair, then gently back into place.

If you have very long hair, your bundles will look amazing, especially when combined with avant-garde features hairstyles. If you are not romantic Princess from a fairy tale, and you like futuristic alien style, then feel free to do two beam immediately. They can be mounted one above the other or symmetrically and low. Base beams can wrap own hair, plaited in a braid or collapsed in the harness, bright silk ribbons or leave intact. If you are going to do this haircut at a wedding or other event, in the middle of the beam can be placed elegant or more extravagant hairpins with stones or decorative flowers.

Very long hair, be sure to pick up completely, putting them in a smooth beams or twisted braids. Of situations when you want to find long hair, but do not overtighten them, loading them, there is a very simple way out. You need to collect hair in a ponytail almost at the ends, then carefully screw the whole mass inside, reaching thus to the head, and then fix the invisible neck. Additional fixation of this hairstyle attaches to the elastic headband, which holds back hair, creating the effect of volumetric haircuts caret.

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