прическа в стиле 30-хThe thirties were crucial for the fashion industry, which covered not only to change the image of women, but also of her hair. This was the period of the newly conquered femininity in the images, which seem to have abandoned, but it was a delusion. Hair outrageous short cut at the beginning of the century, now got a soft glowing wave. Exactly hairstyle in the style of the 30s is still considered a symbol of the retro style.


Hollywood glamour

The basis of hairstyles in the style of the 30-ies – Bob-square, which charmed by its simplicity, comfort and novelty of women before the First World war. The caret was short, clear, graphic, especially effectively it looked to dark hair, and hats-bell pointed this остромодный style, allowing the ends of the hair slightly peek out from under the brim. There followed a period of recovery traditions of the past, which, however, never before seen by no one.

Clear lines and ультракороткую haircut many called excessively innovative and criticized the absence of femininity. In the thirtieth years it has started to come back, what happened, firstly, not without the help of images of Hollywood celebrities, and secondly, with the indispensable assistance of плоек irons, appeared almost half a century before.

The thirties entered history as the «Golden age of Hollywood». Developed at an accelerated pace film, people had an opportunity to observe and evaluate the images of famous women who become icons of style. Celebrities could not stick to flat images taken in the gray of everyday life, even if they were considered relevant. The thirties – the era of glamour when style teetered on the brink, sometimes changing the artificiality, always being bright and attractive. Hairstyle of that epoch was the perfect reflection of thrust to beauty in its apogee when блондированные curls were shining platinum lustre, and movement they gave a beautiful wave.

Hair is almost always laid on the one hand it gave hairstyle special charm and sophistication. Style icons of that time were such Actresses as Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, Mae West in their images this hairstyle found a great reflection. It looks like the light and the dark hair and in fact, and in another version looks absolutely new way. Thanks to a bright style and authenticity hairstyle in the style of the thirties popular in the twenty-first century.


Hairstyle in the style of the thirties in our days

Curls and caret that became the basis for hair styling in this period, do not cease to inspire designers, creating both new interpretations, and repeating the original version hairstyles-thirties. Before you decide to recreate it, you must make sure that it really fit the shape and facial features, because she’s coming over. She opens her neck and face, lofty to its contour, so if the person no ideal forms, and the skin is not perfect, it is better to choose something less притязательное.

Hairstyle in the style of the thirties suitable for women with narrow faces, because it is perfectly adjusts them, adding the missing width and harmonizing the image in General. Entity in the form of the «strawberry» with a sharp chin and a bit advanced forehead, too, may well take this style. An oval face is better to make a hairdo with locks, issued on the forehead and curls on her cheeks. Very interesting hair style of the thirties looks at women with thin lips and delicate eyebrows, which were at a premium at that time.

Absolutely not fit this hairstyle girls with a heavy jaw, with square and грушевидными by persons who will be attracted attention, marked the fullness of the person in the bottom part.


New version

Hairstyle in the style of the thirties in modern versions not as monotonous as it may seem. For example, it is not necessary to use the gel to Shine, you can do pretty hair length not below the chin, which curled in large curls. A version suitable girls with narrow or oval faces, who ask volume. A strand of his forehead, you can either зализать ago, complementing luster, or to fix invisible and varnish so that she looked carelessly discarded. Particularly impressive it looks in platinum and gold blondes, whose hair is often a lack of volume and dynamics.

For fans of a laconic expressive style embodied elegance and femininity, perfect hairstyle with the radiance mass of hair in which is occupied ago and secure. Face it is totally open, view converge its features and beautiful make-up, which have to be perfect, especially tone.

To create a spectacular hair in the style of the thirties, need curlers big diameter. Hair before Curling need to slug process термозащитным tool that will not stick to the paintings of стайлера. After Curling hair not need combing, only delicately lay hands so as not to destroy the harmony of the clearly formed curls. Finishing the styling tool can become as a gel to Shine, and light spray-глоссинг for a brilliant Shine.

Hair in the style of the thirties decorate hairpins with colorless crystals, which are selected side strands.

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