стрижка кареHaircut caret been known since ancient times. If you believe the petroglyphs of this hairstyle was of Queen Cleopatra. In the twentieth century the caret was given a second life. In the 1920s, in the era of jazz, this stylish and elegant haircut again became fashionable to more of her not to go. Modern variations of the caret look glamorous, but are relevant not only on the carpet, but in everyday life, because this hairstyle combines the convenience of a short haircut and beauty with the long hair. Another substantial advantage of the caret is that this haircut practically does not require installation.

There are so many varieties of caret, any woman regardless of her age and facial contours will be able to choose a suitable option. Young women with chiseled features suitable short-volume four of a kind, which opens the neck. For the owners of the person of the oblong form with a high forehead and sculptural modeling features of the ideal option would be caret, drops just below the chin with a thick bangs. Beauty round face with large features accentuate the graduated caret, and facial diamond shape («heart») is suitable caret «sphere». In this case, haircut will surround the face, as if flowing him; tips gently subject to inward and down just below the chin. Mature women should give up on long hair and stay on graduated caret that will refresh face.

New techniques of cutting hair, developed by talented hairdressers, helped modernize the classical caret. Find out which option caret is right for you and best corresponds to your appearance and personality.


Female haircuts caret: difficulties choice

Great floor inclined to frequently change the images, hairstyling, which allow not be limited to one variant of installation. How to choose the option that will not disappoint, and will delight, becoming a source of inspiration for self-hairdressing art? What face shape suitable caret, and what better to refrain from this hairstyles? What стайлинговые funds will be needed for daily styling, whether regularly use a Hairdryer and how often walk in beauty on your appearance? These and many other issues of concern of the girls, who were previously only long hair, but, deciding to change the image or diversify your style, came to the conclusion that perhaps they need a beautiful caret. Maybe it’ll make the hair color to play a new and draw attention to the beautiful eyes.

Before deciding on a radical change of image, think about what type of person suitable caret and what not. The result depends on many factors, not only on the shape of the face, but the type of hair and the way they are laid. More accurately tell the wizard, but remains inviolable rule: the greater the person in the area of chin, the longer must be the hair.

Roundness can visually adjust asymmetric caret correct length and without excessive thinning of the ends. If your face does not require correction, and you are lucky to have a beautiful smooth skin without a hint of pimples, your choice of elegant haircut caret, fully opening the neck and ears, similar in style to a short version of the page.

The caret for oblong face is safe and always actual choice of hairstyles. It can be a page with slightly rounded on the inside tips and style Louise Brooks – direct caret прикрывающее ears, with short thick bangs. None of such form of a person is hard to do, otherwise correction will turn highlighting shortcomings.


Short classic caret

Short classic caret is characterized geometrically straight lines, giving haircut clear outline. Short classic caret helps highlight beautiful facial features, to attract attention to the face and hair. Often the classical caret combined with long bangs. This is a very popular variation of grooming, so if you have such a lock of hair which covered forehead, must complete classical caret this fashionable element.


Classical caret medium length (inverted Bob)

Inverted Bob is one of the most popular among celebrities haircuts, as it looks absolutely fabulous and fashionable, gives the appearance of innocence, charm and a touch of mystery. Inverted Bob distinguishes a large amount on top and more long locks the front. This variation of the caret can be bangs, not only direct and oblique. It’s a great cut that will turn you into a star.


Asymmetrical caret

Asymmetric caret is a modern variation of the classic haircut-Bob, it attracts attention with its unusual shape. Asymmetric caret differs graduation strands. The length of the strands can vary from one or from both. This is a very stylish and fashionable haircut, beloved by many celebrities including Rihanna, which skewed the caret partly owes its popularity.


Secrets of laying the caret

The main advantage of the caret that this hairdo is suitable for any hair texture and requires no installation. This means that enough hair to wash up, brush and put a Hairdryer (in accordance with the design stylist) – and you are ready to start.

However, you can slightly alter your caret its original form. If you are from nature straight hair, the caret with clear lines will look beautiful and elegant. Today in fashion long caret (like Gwyneth Paltrow), slightly careless or «naturally растрепанное» so as to emphasize the natural texture of the hair. If you will visit the solemn or glamorous event, hair can be put waves, slightly подкрутив their cracked and separated strands fingers with wax.


If you want to make the caret

If you are thinking about how to follow the fashion on the caret and make this up to date and stylish haircut, the following tips:

  • To change the hairstyle change shape, without losing length.
  • Make the caret graded and slightly rotate the ends upwards and outwards in retro style of the 1950s and 1960s
  • Resort to using a colorist to give hair additional volume.
  • If you want to look like an original, blow dry the hair at the roots and the crown slightly растрепите to add hair the volume.

Haircut caret stood the test of time, because among her fans and the ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and the pop Princess Rihanna.


Celebrities with four of a kind – fashion borrowing

Where else can you spy the most stylish haircuts caret as not of the world show business stars? Work with industry professionals, who do not pass by the most actual trends.

стрижка каре Зои Салдана

Zoe Saldana

стрижка каре Дрю Бэрримор

Drew Barrymore

  • The star of «Avatar» Zoe Saldana in 2013 appeared in public with a stylish caret, decorated in retro-wave concentrated in the right side of his face.
  • Featuring sleek Bob-caret demonstrated Simpson, gently отодвинувшая their bright platinum hair from his face.
  • Cameron Diaz has long preferred the caret that this Hollywood star always looks a little bedraggled, because and so modern.
  • Stylish modern caret demonstrates Sandra bullock, whose dark hair because of shifts image found a smooth warm color.
  • Nicole Richie back to the caret that the award «Grammy» сдобрила plenty of fixing gel, as they did in the eighties.
  • Unexpected dynamic caret, though slightly растрепанное wind, showed in 2013, drew Barrymore, which became a blonde. Her new style revived the image of the actress, making it younger.


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