укладка волосAll of us there are days when hair styling fan, so that hairstyle looked more or less decent, stands the last item in the long list of cases, especially if you have acquired the habit of blow-dry the hair every day. This is not only bad news for hair (think about how it is harmful for them), it also takes away time that morning would have been better spent on something else. To reduce the time for hair styling give them a break between styling hair dryer, and make this packing, which will be for a long time, use some simple tips.

Prepare your hair

The key to making any hairstyles – well trained hair.

Hair treatments

If you regularly use a Hairdryer, you must perform certain procedures for hair, not less than once a month, or every week, depending on the condition of the hair. If you do not, the time has come to acquire such a habit. Just apply to the hair mask or other care product, and do household chores. Or use this mask you want to leave in the night, it will work while you sleep, wetting your hair and supporting them in excellent shape, so that they are ready for laying.

The right shampoo and conditioner

укладка волосThe right shampoo and conditioner can either be suitable for your hair type (for example, for fine hair), or intended to create the desired hairstyles (shampoos that help hair lay smoothly). In any case, you need to use the shampoo and conditioner, which purify, nourish and condition hair that they are easier to fit and have a healthy appearance.

Styling hair

If you want to laying, which looks good, not пушится, and, most importantly, will keep for several days, you need tools for styling hair. Most importantly for the blow – use tool with thermal protection, which reduce the harmful effects of hot air to the hair. Apply styling mousse or a straightening balm to give a good start to blow. Just remember that you need a small quantity of any styling product, and is much easier to add a little more, than to remove a tool from the hair, if you have too many.


Although not need to spend a lot of money to buy a hair-dryer premium, it will be easier styling, if your hair dryers has the following characteristics:

  • Nozzle hub helps to direct air to where it is going.
  • Function cooled air, which will help to reinforce laying.
  • Switch temperature that lets you configure the device to suit your type of hair or hair, you want to create.

Hair brush

In addition hair dryer, you will also need a round brush, which will help raise the roots of the hair and pulling strands during drying.

Hair clips

If there were only one piece of advice, which would need to be followed during the installation hair drier, it would have to be the following advice: divide the hair into small pieces and kill the pins those strands of hair, which you are not currently working. Blow-drying individual strands of hair is the only way to get the styling, which will be for a long time and look great.

Hair styling Hairdryer

When it comes to laying a Hairdryer, the best thing to devote sufficient time. This may sound rather silly, because these tips are intended to reduce the time of installation, but you can do this correctly making laying the first time. This will save your hairstyle, sparing the need to lay poorly styled hair every couple of days.


укладка волосThe minimum time that you need to pay laying is 20 minutes, but if you want to give it more time. This may take longer, especially when you split a hair into small strands, but lets get the best result, and more durable laying.

Work with individual strands

Dry one strand of hair, until it is completely dry, keeping a distance of about 2.5 cm between the hair and the end of the dryer, and then move on to the next strand.

Use the brush

Use a round brush desired size (small, short hair, large – for long or thick hair), with its help pull his hair, holding it high, and directing a jet of air down over his hair rod.

Douse hair cold air

Finish the installation by setting the cold air and use the Hairdryer at the lowest power, and then pour over the cool air of the entire hair, to secure it.

Secure hairstyle varnish

Hairspray must have a very strong hold and keep the hair. To laying lasted longer avoid using serums for shiny hair that can give your hair curled and bold look, especially on the day after laying.

By following these tips, you can make a good home laying Hairdryer, that will be for a long time. To remain fresh hairstyle, avoid excessive moisture, wear a special hat, taking a shower and use a dry shampoo to cope with oily hair, and extend the time until the next wash your hair.

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