Гвинет Пэлтроу в образе Фэрры Фоссет для рекламной кампании Max Factor

Cooperation Gwyneth Paltrow with cosmetic giant Max Factor continues, and today the Internet a new promo frame with the actress, which she turned into the “icon” of the 1970s Фэрру Фоссет.

Actually, a collection of so called Modern Icon. Inspired by the disco era, it consists of the products required to create a makeup in the style of those years: it bronzer funds for the skin and the ink, which is expected effect of false eyelashes.

Representatives of the brand so describe the beauty novelties:

Disco and glamour synonyms 1970-X. This is the time when it became fashionable tanning and thick, long eyelashes. Actually, and placed the emphasis in the image Gwyneth – we bet on the bronze cheeks and expressive eyes.

To create an image Paltrow were also used shadow and eyeliner and pinkish-brown tones. However, her Golden dress with a deep neckline attracted the attention of not less than her flawless make-up.

гвинет пэлтроу для max factor

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