Green in the world of high fashion was for the designers hit for many seasons. The point, rather, not in the brightness and variety of color, and in its influence on the human psyche. Because psychotherapy with flowers known to people long enough and choosing the proper clothing, you can influence your inner attitude.

Green in psychology

Green is associated with summer, a few high spirits. This is why green is chosen by those people who are self-confident, freedom-loving and optimistic. On a subconscious level, the green things evoke positive emotions, and the wearer automatically gains a good reputation. Green prefer those people who are prone to introspection and emotional balance. But sometimes green can symbolize as the lack of development, a kind of emotional degradation and internal stagnation of the individual on the path of development. But parapsychologists are still advised to have at least one green item in your wardrobe uncertain of his own people.

Green in history

From historical references known ambiguous attitude to green over time. So, the representatives of the ancient world green was considered the color of women. And men dressed up in any element of the wardrobe in green color was considered a laughingstock. In the middle Ages, green symbolized belonging to a middle class society, as well as clothes green girls talked about enough secular behavior. But in the era of Rococo style green was a sign of the upper class and was very popular in the formation and the interior space. And Queen Victoria was very fond of green, floral designs.

Who should I choose?

When choosing outfits, is to remember that the green, like many other flowers, there are several options, for example, cold and warm shades. The choice of color you need to determine, based on its color type. Harmonize will be cold tsvetotip with a cool shade of green. But there are little tricks when creating the image, for example, if a girl is cold of complexion will want to wear bright or warm shade of green most appropriate for it will look at the bottom of the image, for example, inserting a pair of jeans or bag. In terms of the top image, the most appropriate soft shade of green in both cases – so the image will not be vulgar.

Green clothing has long occupied a worthy niche in the fashion pedestal.

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