Global computerization and automation of most of the processes that were previously carried out manually, lead to sedentary lifestyles. More people are working, have fun, to spend leisure time and receive information without leaving your computer. All this, of course, very convenient, does not require effort and unnecessary movements, but there is a downside – lack of physical activity, which can have very unpleasant consequences.

Врач неврологFirst of sedentary life of suffering back. Approximately every third adult person needs neurologist to cure spinal pathology. This variety of intervertebral hernia, osteochondrosis, all kinds of displacement of vertebras, pinched nerve endings and so on.

The best prevention of diseases of the spine is regular physical activity. Doctors recommend daily held at least 2-3 kilometers on foot because when walking stimulates the muscles that hold the spine in the correct level position.

Also very useful to swim that causes muscular work actively and strengthened, in particular, the stronger become the longitudinal muscles holding the spine, when a person is in the upright position. Just enough to pay swimming half an hour two or three times a week, not to know the problems with the spine and back.

Боли в спинеA sedentary lifestyle can lead not only to back pain and spinal pathologies, but also to the problems with the reproductive sphere. Often this affects women – representatives of so-called «sedentary occupations economists, lawyers, accountants, and so on.

Prolonged absence of regular physical activity may need to entry to the gynecologist as with physical inactivity blood circulation in the small pelvis is slowing, there poorly delivered and dissolved oxygen in the blood nutrients. Accordingly, there can be all kinds of problems, against which develop chronic gynecological diseases.

Men are not immune from pathologies of the urogenital area – often sedentary lifestyle leads to prostatitis, prostate Oncology, erectile dysfunction and infertility. In one word, afraid of something. And then to a hundred times not to regret, it is better to take steps, without waiting for such serious health problems.

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