"Золотой глобус-2014": боб, паж, каре и другие короткие стрижки звезд

Awards ceremony Golden globe-2014″ took place the day before, and the editorial Board of the site SPLETNIK.RU still in detail disassemble a celebrity from the red carpet. Today we have already called your attention to the manicure Hollywood beauties, now it is time to consider hairstyles divas.

In our review Reese Witherspoon, Kelly Osbourne, Helen Mirren, Naomi Watts and other celebrities.

Of course, you cannot embrace the boundless, so we have narrowed: once again looking pictures, we can safely say that the trend this year became short haircuts – Bob, ASTL, care and others.

Most of our heroines preferred to appear on the track in the elegant couture dresses, which was given a lot of time, but about hair they don’t even wonder why invent something, if haircut and classy looks?

And the truth is, most of the celebrities of our list, simply dried hair and went to the “Golden globe”. However, there were those who wanted a little variety, so put your short hair and small waves in the spirit of old Hollywood.

Well, once again remember the stars that shone in the night from Sunday to Monday on the red carpet in one of the most prestigious awards in the field of cinema, and discuss!

Обри Плаза/ Наоми Уоттс
Aubrey Plaza/ Naomi Watts

Хэйден Панеттьери/ Лена Данэм
Hayden Панеттьери/ Lena Данэм

Хелен Миррен/ Кейтлин Фитцджеральд
Helen Mirren/ Caitlin Fitzgerald

Паула Паттон/ Келли Осборн
Paula Patton/ Kelly Osbourne

Зося Мамет/ Лиззи Каплан
Zosya Mamet/ Lizzy Caplan

Мишель Докери/ Меган Маллалли
Michel Докери/ Megan Маллалли

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