Джордж Клуни на страницах издания Esquire

The hero of a fresh issue of Esquire became a Hollywood actor George Clooney, which not only took part in a stylish photo shoot, but also gave the publication of a Frank interview.

The idol of millions spoke about his relationship to social networks, glory, friendship and enmity with colleagues on cinematographic shop and many other things. News from “Сплетником” shared blogger Tanushka28.

On social networks:

I don’t understand why if you are famous, you must register in Twitter. Indeed, in the first turn, by doing this, you become more available, isn’t it? Imagine how can change your life just one night – you got drunk, come home, watch TV, someone annoys you, and you write on my page negative message… go to sleep, Wake up in the morning, and your career is over or you just hate and criticize. And could be quite different – you could just speak in the night and these words to match would be all over the world.

Of glory:

I had an aunt Rosie (rosemary Clooney – pop singer and actress 40-50-ies of the last century – approx. the editorial office of “Schmoozer”), which was very well known. So I got a lesson “glory” at an early age. Then I realized that the fame you should not change. In addition, I realized how can really use it.

About his friend Брэде Pitt:

For a long time, brad was the biggest movie star in the world. He’s so much cooler than me and DiCaprio. I really admire him, how he copes with it. For him it is not easy, but he tries. It is not available, so he continues to be one of the biggest movie stars. I find it incredibly talented and smart, but most importantly, he remains unavailable for you.

About enmity with Russell Crowe:

The truth is that Crowe sent me a book of poems, and thus to apologize to me for something that offended me in the whole world. He wanted war. He started it just like that, without any reason.

About unscrupulousness Leonardo DiCaprio:

You know, I can play. I’m not a great player, but in high school I played basketball, so I know its capabilities. Also I know, that you must not open your mouth, unless they can show the class. We are talking about the game with Leo and his friends. At that moment I realized how important it is to have near to itself the right friends. I’m not sure that Leo surrounded by such people.

Джордж Клуни
George Clooney in the new photoshoot

Джордж Клуни

Джордж Клуни

Джордж Клуни

Джордж Клуни

Джордж Клуни

Джордж Клуни

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