In pursuit of beauty, women are able to change its image completely. In our time, a particularly popular in the procedure of building and design of nails. After all, beautiful and well-groomed hands will never go out of fashion.

To become more beautiful and more desirable, women go to great lengths: sit on a diet, get rid of bad habits, put a tattoo on the lips and eyebrows, use colored lenses, increasing the eyelashes and hair. Fashion on the building is not bypassed and nails.

In our time, artificial nails – not wonder and surprise them no-one could. But every woman wants to have a perfect manicure, the quality of which depends on the way of building nails.

One of the most widespread way of building nails is a full set. To build up your nails, it is necessary to address to the master, which is specially studied this skill.

But some, several times visiting the wizard and remembering the sequence of the extension, try to increase your nails, or at least make the correction. This, of course, not the first, but with time we can achieve a good result.

So, to start is done manicure and nails are cut off is short enough. Next, you can use two variants: to impose tips, or to fix Pro forma. Tips are artificial nails, which by means of special glue stick from the middle of your nail, then cut to length and shape, and are processed top to the full Mergence with private nail. and only after careful preparation can be applied acrylic. This process is quite time-consuming and requires great accuracy.

Even if nails were brittle and ugly, after escalating acrylic they will look perfect. Regular correction and long wearing artificial nails will help to correct their own nails and put them in order. Gradually may correct form of native nail and over time it will cease to exfoliate.

To make nails, acrylic fits best, as it is very durable and reliable material. And if the wizard well knows his business, of acrylic nails from real nail distinguish it will be very difficult.

Moreover, thanks to the strength acrylic nails can be done rather thin, which gives them a special refinement. Acrylic quickly solidifies, and special powders, which add in acrylic, allow the nail to look natural and have natural color.

For removing acrylic use a special solvent, which makes the procedure is easy and painless. We can say with confidence that acrylic is the most reliable tool for nail extension.

To build most commonly used colorless acrylic, which quickly dries up. Next, nails sanded with a special files for polishing the nails. And in the end at the request of the client is made by either decorative or French manicure. The entire process of increasing the take approximately three hours.

It largely depends on the ability of the wizard. Many women satisfied with accrued nails because not need to spend a lot of time on your own manicures and additional nail care. Every two weeks for them it makes the master.

In addition, acrylic nails almost don’t break and crack, so as acrylic is quite elastic and elastic material. Plenty of admiring her perfect manicure, do not forget that it can’t last forever, and sooner or later the time comes correction.

Correction nail acrylic – procedure mandatory and must be not less than two times a month. If you ignore the correction, and make her the moment, nails will look untidy and not well-groomed. Because of their own nails grow and the difference between his fingernail and acrylic becomes very noticeable.

It is worth noting that the correction takes twice less time and two times less money. During the correction of master стачивает upper layer of acrylic and compares with the part of the nail, which has grown back below the acrylic coating.

This removes the detachment, which almost always appear when wearing artificial nails. If detachment quite large, you will have to remove all artificial nail and build new, as to remove the detachment do not get even the most experienced master. But it’s worth it, if you want to have a perfect manicure and well-groomed hands.

Then you will have to adjust the length of the nails and give them the correct form. When the wizard is correction of the nails, acrylic is used for regular coverage of pre-prepared nail. Very important not to miss the correction and track the status of your nails, otherwise eventually lead running nails in order proves to be impossible.

Have to take all of the nails and start increasing again. Another important point – acrylic nails do not like changes in temperature. Coming home with a heavy frost do not immediately put their hands into cold water, because on the nails can be cracks.

But in wearing artificial nails from acrylic is a slight drawback. With frequent coverage nail lacquer have to remove this very varnish removers. And this has a negative effect on acrylic coating. Several procedures with the removal of lacquer destroy the natural Shine of the artificial nail and give it an ugly yellowish tint.

But it can be avoided if you do not use liquid with the content of acetone. Varnish remover need to use liquid oil-based, which does not contain acetone. If for some reason acrylic nails must be removed, you better do it in the cabin of the master as an independent removal of the nails may corrupt their own nails.

Every woman, regardless of age and income, it is necessary to have a beautiful, well-groomed hands with a perfect manicure. Because people initially pay attention on the hands. And acrylic nails can help the woman to be unique.


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