Unique French manicure create not so easy. This is evidenced even professional master. However, is there no tips to help make this process at home is easier?

Tips on creating a manicure.

For the beginning of the girl should think of how to French manicure on her ноготках will look. The fact is that this variant is not suitable for every girl. Here it is important to consider the length of the nail and their status.

French manicure on short nails will look maximally attractive only in those cases when they nail plates are in good condition. Otherwise, it will not be too aesthetically appealing and interesting. Of course, before creating a manicure about the state of the nails should take care separately.

Secondly, it is important that the nails were smooth. If you encounter a variety of burrs and cuticles, their best eliminated immediately, as subsequently manicure will not look too attractive.

Of course, it is important that the length of the nail was not very short. Visually, very short fingernails, French manicure can reduce even more. As a result, the girl face the problem that the nails will look too short and ugly. Great if the length of the plates still a little present. In this case, manicure will surprisingly, the quality and look great.

It is also important to note that the advantage of such variant of nail decoration is its simplicity and ease of performance. Even a newcomer in the manicure, will be able to ensure that his nails are really very beautiful and attractive.

Tips for varnish and the very process of manicure.

French on short nails possible effort. Still, in front of the girl limited canvas for creativity. Consequently, there may be problems with how to apply the varnish, how not to make his nails even shorter, and less attractive.

Important before you start creating a manicure, remove the remains of the old varnish with acetone and fleece. Well, if traces of lacquer do not remain, even on the sides of the nail. Well, if a manicure done special thin brush, much as possible adapted for small nail.

If a girl wants her nails to look equally attractive, then each of them should apply the same number of layers. Only in this case, manicure will look optimally attractive and interesting. Of course, if a girl sees that the process of applying varnish went not so, as it is planned, you must remove the layers and start all over again.

Usually, French manicure love those girls who prefer business style clothing. It is important to create such French rid of unnecessary details on the nails, stickers , rhinestone and so on. Pets artistic decoration few rhinestones, but not a great number of Polish. This does not look too attractive and aesthetically pleasing. For this reason, the best option is to stick to the classics, try to create a discreet, but a sophisticated image using a manicure.

And, finally, after all the French manicure is ready, you must wait and apply another coat of transparent varnish on top of the nail plate. Thus, the effect will be attached and manicure live much longer. The secret to enjoy many professionals in the creation of unique pictures on the nails. Only at first glance, it seems that the French jacket is nothing complicated. Actually, for a beautiful manicure in this style, require careful and competent job.

Fine, if a girl can immediately create a unique French manicure. The above tips will help her do it much faster and more efficiently, resulting in manicure will be the subject of admiration of others.


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