Франсуа Олланд объявил о разрыве с Валери Триервейлер

President Of France Francois Hollande confirmed the information about the break with his civil wife Valerie Триервейлер.

Earlier, representatives of the Elysee Palace told the BBC that the rumors about the breakup of couples have appeared today in the French media, not correspond to the reality.

In a telephone interview to the French Agency AFP 59-year-old Hollande said that their “life together” with Valerie ended.

Stressing that speaks as a private person, the President allegedly confessed:

I’d like to announce that I stop relations with Valerie Триервейлер.

Ex-chief editor of the newspaper Le Monde Patrice de beer said news:

Hollande wants to draw a clear line between his personal life and public activities. This might mean that there will be no “first lady”. Even if he’ll walk in love, she, most likely, will not visit public events, to have your office or bodyguards. And no joint official visits. The whole story of the betrayal lasted too long.

Tomorrow Valerie Триервейлер flies to India to attend a charity event. This will be the first appearance of the journalist to the public after that scandal with Hollande.

Many French people consider a trip Триервейлер inappropriate – not only because she recently discharged from the hospital, but because it no longer represents the country on the world arena.

Edition of the Daily Mail adds that now the President is configured on relations with Julie Gaye. Double-experienced divorce Триервейлер allegedly fell into a rage, knew about the affair Hollande: she started smashing furniture and Antiques in the Elysee Palace.

In a recent survey revealed that Valerie – most unpopular first lady in the newest history of France. After discharge from hospital, she caused a public surprisingly, going into one of the most luxurious presidential residences La Lanterne next to the Palace at Versailles. In addition, she invited there mother and other family members.

This could not but affect the reputation of Hollande, who is the socialist party and called for universal equality.

Sources close to Valerie, was told that she was desperately trying to save a relationship with Hollande, was willing to forgive it and wanted to return to work.

In particular, the civil wife of the President looking forward to the February trip to the USA: Francois and Valerie had to stop at Barack and Michelle Obama in the White House.

Now, Francois Hollande, is one of the few presidents of France without first lady. Another example – Napoleon Bonaparte.

Next week politician to visit Turkey and the UK.

Let’s remind, Hollande and Триервейлер lived together since 2007. Prior to this policy 25 years met with socialist Segolene Royal, who gave him four children. He’s so on it and not married.

Триервейлер moved to the Elysee Palace, together with Hollande after his victory in the presidential elections in 2012. She served as first lady and worked in an office, which is actually paid by the taxpayers.

олланд и триервейлер
Francois Hollande and Valerie Триервейлер

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