The last time day by day we hear amazing different versions about the positive impact or sun damage, sunburn and use of tanning. Where is the truth? How to identify a Golden mean, and whose side to take: bronze lovers of sunbathing and frequent guests of Solarium, or aristocratic pale opponents UV exposure? Let’s analyze everything in order.

The sun usually evokes in our minds a good Association with good weather, bright colors, and joy, and not in vain – since the days of Hippocrates were known beneficial properties of sunlight on the human body. Scientists have researched and proven that exposure to sunlight stimulates the immune system, helps the dilation of blood vessels, and the body receives more oxygen. Even brief exposure to the sun stimulates the brain. The feeling of joy and cheerfulness that we feel under the sun is not accidental at all: the ultraviolet rays contribute to the production of endorphin – the hormone of happiness. So gloomy and overcast weather often contributes to depression and apathy.

More should also talk about the beneficial properties of vitamin D, which our body is capable to develop under the influence of ultraviolet rays in the Solarium or in the sun. First and foremost, vitamin D is strictly necessary for our body, as an important member of the metabolism, which helps to absorb the necessary minerals — calcium and phosphorus. Scientists confirmed that vitamin D has a strong overwhelming action and slows the growth of cancer cells, apart from vitamin D stimulates the immune system and is essential for the prevention of colds.

Now we come to the most important and essential fact connected with the stay in the sun or in the Solarium to tan. For many fans of bronze tan skin is only an aesthetic purpose, which is absolutely not true. Velvety and well-groomed skin is rather an addition to the priceless benefits that your body gets along with tan. From a biochemical point of view, the appearance on the skin of the sun, the change of skin tone due release into the upper layers of the pigment melanin, a protective reaction of the organism on exposure to sunlight and solar radiation. In addition to the shielding function, the melanin has a rejuvenating effect, promotes removal from the body of different toxins and stops the growth of malignant tumors.

— As so, — then slow down us enemies of the sun — as was previously written about the beneficial properties of the sun, vitamins, etc., so what the body is protected from them, not casual as we prudently mother nature blessed the small screen? So there is somewhere a catch.

— Yes, we agree, is not so simple. Like all healthy phenomena, sun and UV rays not abuse it and treat it carelessly. So excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays should lead to a directly opposite effects: the occurrence of melanoma, skin burns, lowering of the immune system and premature aging of the skin.

— What? – angry you – miraculous properties of the sun beckoned us, and as from danger to protect not told! A disgrace!

— Keep calm — we answer – everything has already been invented, tested, and tested not only by us, remains only to sum up and summarize for your convenience. First, before you can enjoy the benefit of sunlight, be sure to purchase suntan lotion. And even more important if you want to achieve maximum aesthetic effect, that is, smooth chocolate tan and you are going even before the start of the beach season Solarium, you can buy a special tool for tanning, which in addition to the wonderful cosmetic properties also will have a bronzing effect. Manufacturers for tanning developing a catalog of different lotions and creams for application in the Solarium, many of which have masking properties, slow down premature skin ageing effects of ultraviolet light and help the natural appearance of melanin and therefore the appearance of Golden and gorgeous tan.

To select the lotion for tanning, you can read the recommendations of users and experts. Manufacturers like Ed Hardy, specializing in the production of it for tanning offer a wide range of lotions and creams, various cosmetic properties, suitable for different skin types and for different purposes. Choosing the right tool you can buy cream for tanning and anti-cellulite cream or anti-aging balm all in one.

For sure, you can buy cosmetics for Solarium in the beauty salon immediately before the procedure, but it is better to obtain information about all of the qualities You select the funds that the funds were not spent just so you easily can reach the desired effect. Cosmetics for tanning Ed Hardy have earned positive recommendations of satisfied owners of shining tanned skin worldwide and has proven its effectiveness as a makeup for getting an even tan in the shortest possible time, and as a means of revitalizing the skin.

If our article has prompted you to think about purchasing a good cosmetic tanning, you can always look for, read reviews and buy tanning lotion in narrowly focused online stores, such as

I hope that now all the “pros” and “cons” of ultraviolet light weighted, and all points above and apart. Remains to wish you to enjoy the sun, summer days and a gorgeous chocolate tan!

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